Fender Bender on Huguenot Street and Centre Avenue

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As I was driving around town this morning at about 9:48 AM, right in front of my eyes, what I thought was two cars trying to beat the light. The result was not pretty.

One driver immediately exited her vehicle to assess the situation. Shortly after I got my bagel at Sammy’s, I drove by later. The police had arrived and both drivers seemed OK.



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  1. accidents
    has anyone heard about or seen the accident that tooke place on main st. and echo involving four cars…apparently the driver that caused it all was ILLEGAL and did not have a drivers license. The tow truck arrived and after asking him what the hold up was it was stated that the officer who was also involved with the accident was trying to decide if he should arrest the illegal driver or let him go. It was said he did not wish to deal with the paper work!

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