New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound Surpasses 100,000 in First Year

Written By: Robert Cox

It was a little less than a year ago that I spent a couple of days on my back porch setting up the web site that would become Talk of the Sound. At the time I made a conscious effort not to advertise or market the site. The plan was to simply write blog posts and encourage others to do the same in the hope that over time the site would grow organically.

Having surpassed 100,000 readers in our first year, I would say that we’ve exceeded expectations. Or as the BoE might put it, we’ve made “Adequate Yearly Progress”, every contributor is “highly qualified”, every blog post has been “exceptional” and the entire site a testimony to our “celebration of diversity”.

To gain some awareness for the site, I employed the old P.T. Barnum adage, “if you want to draw a crowd, pick a fight”. The worked pretty well with the school district and city officials providing useful foils.

I want to express a special word of thanks to Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and the members of the Board of Education. Their bumbling, inept and, at times, criminal handling of the school district has provided endless fodder for this site — please keep it coming. Of course, the District might not share my enthusiasm. At various points the District has vacillated from having their lawyers call and threaten my web hosting company in order to shut me down to hoping Talk of the Sound would go away to petulantly ignoring me to engaging in unlawful efforts to prevent me from obtaining public records or expressing my point of view at public meetings.

Our contributors broke some significant stories which gained national and even international attention such as the “Girl, Interrupted” book censorship story, the dodgeball incident at Webster School, the state takeover of the Thomas Paine museum, and the school guard “sexting” story, as well as, important stories such as the “sudden retirement” of Bernice Shapiro, the special treatment of the “McKnight children”, the tragic death of a Salesian high school student, no-show jobs at the BoE, obsolete jobs at the BoE, misappropriation of school vans and equipment by BoE employees, sexual harassment at City Hall, the appointment of the new principal at Trinity School, the part-time mayor issue, the MacMenamin’s Grill fiasco, the arrests of New Rochelle High School students at the New Rochelle Public Library, the arrest of a student at Isaac Young for selling drugs, the marijuana “bust” at Albert Leonard, the arrest of four students for assaulting and robbing another student at NRHS, the New York State Comptroller questioning “emergency” purchases by BoE, and many other widely read stories, the principal at Isaac Young violating the NYS Clean Indoor Air Act by smoking cigars on school grounds, NRHS Health Department giving out t-shirts with ads for a cigar lounge and a discount cigarette store as part of Fitness Week, the phony Fire Inspection Safety Report filed by the BoE with NRFD, and much, much more.

Talk of the Sound has been foremost in pressing the issue of non-resident students attending school in New Rochelle leading to a showdown at a recent school board meeting and the phony budget claims of the school district in the run-up to last May’s school board elections, and the obscene payments to school union boss Marty Daly – a full salary, benefits and pension for teach one class a year, and the phony Stimulus Wish List announced by Mayor Bramson.

Perhaps my favorite story came after we ran our investigative report into the misappropriation of school district vehicles:

Present and Accounted For: In Wake of TOS Exclusive, School District Vehicles Fill NRHS Parking Lot

Along the way, the goal has been to show the people of New Rochelle how a hyper-local community site like this works so they might register and begin to report their own stories. No one individual can possibly report everything happening in New Rochelle — the good, the bad, and the ugly — but together we can report just about everything worth reporting. We have made excellent progress in that regard: over 400 registered users, who have helped publish over 1,000 articles generating over 8,000 comments. That’s a pretty good start but as we approach our second year we would like to take things to the next level.

New for Year Two:

  • We will soon be adding a community calendar.
  • We will expand our efforts at training people in the community how to blog through courses offered at the New Rochelle Public Library (we ran two courses this spring).
  • We are adding a tumblr submission site for people with smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm Pre and so forth.
  • In order to cover the expense of hosting and managing the site, we will start to advertisements and offer sponsorships.

Over all, it has been an incredibly successful first year but the future of Talk of the Sound is really up to you — the readers — to take advantage of the audience catalyzed by the site. We need to see more people registering, to write most stories about upcoming events and to provide photos and articles about events that have taken place. If there is something else you would like to see please let us know. If you find there is something we are not covering that should be covered please go ahead and register for an account (it’s free). In a hyper-local community site YOU are the reporter!!!

31 thoughts on “New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound Surpasses 100,000 in First Year”

  1. This site provides a place
    This site provides a place for the common man to speak. Obviously those in Public office don’t like that. Those who run municipal Govt. Don’t like it.
    The site holds them up to the light. I imagine it may show a few blemishes. Even if it shows some things that may not be blemishes at all that is okay too. This is American Freedom at its best.
    To those at City Hall the public has a closer look because of TOS.
    To those inthe City School District the lights are on.
    This site, this blog will only make New Rochelle a better place. The problem with New Rochelle for decades has been nobody’s watching the store.
    Thank you Bob for this. We all know the Journal News is not watching. Certainly City Surroundings is not watching, nor are any of the other local papers watching. They all print fluff and the Mayors Propergander.

  2. Funny how you won’t comment on the NY Times article
    Which featured the desegregation pact b/w westchester county and the federal government. What do you have to say about it? New Rochelle has been ahead of the curve for 40 years and you have no idea New Rochelle has been touted for greatness in it’s achievement for racial issues. This bill will help to fill the buildings in downtown New Rochelle which you so desperately want to destroy. Once again, you don’t post the truth and once again you only wish to destroy New Rochelle.

    1. you are welcome…
      …to write an article on this topic.

      The story to which you refer is about a settlement to a lawsuit — not a “bill”.

      The settlement requires that Westchester County see to it that 750 dwellings are built in municipalities with a low percentage of black and hispanic residents therefore the settlement does not impact New Rochelle.

      This web site is about New Rochelle, therefore there is no reason to write about it or comment on it, per se. If you want to write an article about how great New Rochelle is please go right ahead.

      When you do, I trust you will note that the racial diversity in the North End of New Rochelle is similar to the communities impacted by the recent settlement — one of the reasons people refer to New Rochelle as “two cities”. Perhaps New Rochelle could consider tearing down the Hartley Houses and replacing them with buildings in and around the Wykagyl Shopping area? Or is that not the sort of “celebration of diversity” you had in mind?

      1. Of course you say the Wykagyl shopping center..
        This settlement, has everything to do with New Rochelle. New Rochelle has been taking in minorities of race and lower scale socioeconomic classes for decades. It’s now time the rest of the county fronts the bill and takes on their responsibility.

        The six other people who clicked you to 100 thousand should go jump in Paine Lake, or better yet, the harbor which you clearly believe is polluted. You actually are helping the community, you’re stating the poor decisions which our politicians shouldn’t be making. Pretty much every point you make is the wrong way our city should go. That’s why you’re a very small minority and you’re completely wrong with everything you do.

      2. The Rest of the County Fronts the Bill ?
        Just a point to ponder . Do you realize that it’s your county tax dollars paying for the judgement ? Not the ” rest of the county” . New Rochelle isn’t a targeted site for the housing , so you’re (we) paying for something we won’t even use .

  3. Actually nobody cares about your site
    The same 6 people are the one’s clicking on the site. This number does not mean 100k people came here. It means 100k people clicked on your site. It took a year for the same 6 numb nuts to get there. That’s pretty sad actually, just like this site. Your stories are a complete joke, none of them are true and you make up news to try and get attention around the community.

    The greater good will destroy you.

    That is what the people of the city of New Rochelle have done to you. We have destroyed you and will keep on destroying you.

  4. Congratulations
    Let’s see how long it takes to make another 100,000. This was on a day that had the smallest Journal News issue I can recall.

  5. Congrates….
    on patting yourself on the back Robert. Too bad most of the information published here is inaccurate or just plain gossip. You have managed, however, to be at the forefront of spreading half truths, at least with the stories I know first hand about. Having that intimate knowledge on some of the stories posted on TOTS, I have learned that the stories I know nothing about, I cannot trust as accurate because of the way the stories, I did know about, were reported.
    I think a site like this is a good thing for the community. It will only benefit New Rochelle IF the truth is told. If you want to write and say it is your opinion, fine. Or at least say, “It’s seems as if…”. But to sell yourself as a reporter with all the facts is wrong. No matter what you FOIL, there are still questions that need to be asked, especially on redacted police reports. Sometimes, you will not get the whole story due to privacy issues. It is ok to say, “It is not known…” or “It could not be determined…”
    To all the readers here, I STRONGLY suggest you follow the old saying…Don’t believe everything you read. Something might be amiss, with the story itself and especially with the “reporter” who fills in the unknown with his opinion.
    Robert’s answer to this post is going to be..”Identify yourself”…blah,blah, blah. I wish I could, but due to my position I cannot.
    I trust, you, the readers of this blog are intelligent enough to understand that there is always more sides to a story, especially with Robert’s reporting practices.
    Ask yourself…The “National Enquirer” has 20 million readers…does that make it accurate?
    Thank you for your time, Einstien

    1. Hey “Congrates”
      Card carrying member are ya’ ? (Dolt Squad that is ) If I was to wholeheartedly agree with your strong suggestion , then I shouldn’t believe you either . The readers ARE smart enough to realize the context of everything here . You however are not . As for your position , I didn’t think someone could bend enough to stick their head that far up their – well , you know – . Take heart , there is a new surgical procedure for people like you , they install a window in your belly button . That way you’ll be able to see what’s happening around you . Hurry though , I don’t think Obama’s health plan will cover it .
      BTW , what is a congrate ?

      1. Just to remind you name caller.. u the one who calls everyone a
        A DOLT.. Ur in the minority. You’re a community reject who feels he’s being taken advantage of because you have very few options. You have very few options because you feel everyone is against you. You feel everyone is against you because you’re a lazy person. You wish to bring down the establishment of New Rochelle because you think everyone is against you and nothing good ever happens for you. There are many people like you in society and they get help and take the initiative to do something productive for their lives instead of trying to destroy everything.

      2. Just To Remind YOU …
        As usual , you don’t have the ability to distinguish reality from your own delusional state . Since none of what you have said applies to me , one can only chalk it up to what psychiatrists call projection . For me, life is good and someday it will be that way for you . Free thinkers and activists ARE the minority and that’s fine with me . There has never been any real improvement in anything by sitting back and letting things run themselves . Get some help then get involved .

      3. If you don’t like the site, don’t read it.
        I am so tired of some people complaining about the site. I have been reading this site for about 6 months. I have notice the number of readers going up and up. I just can’t believe how many people are reading this. So if you don’t like what is said or you don’t like Bob Cox, STAY OFF. And stop the complaining.

      4. Whatever. Thank you for
        Whatever. Thank you for correcting my spelling…the rest of your post is juvenile. Name call if you will…”Sticks and stones….blah,blah,blah”
        Go ahead, continue to bury your head in the sand. I already know some here (like you) won’t take what I am saying seriously because they don’t want to open there minds to the other possibilities but prefer to assume the worst. I am not saying bad things don’t happen, they most certainly do. I’m saying, from what I know first hand, was not what was reported here in several incidents. In fact, many times the conclusions were down right wrong making the reporting irresponsible of the author. Sorry, but that is fact.
        I am not part of your so called “Dolt Squad”, nor do I care to be. I’m a a “blue collar” city employee only interested in what is right and what is fair. Take it how you will. Looking at the big picture, Robert Cox has done the community a service here starting this discussion board…but his reporting, from my standpoint, has, on occasion been irresponsible. I also know Robert has “sources” on which he relies…but his “sources” have been, on more than one occasion, been down right wrong. Robert needs to request interviews of the principles involved and not rely soley on those “sources” (aka rumor mongers) and FOILED reports, which are usually redacted enough to not paint the whole picture.

      5. Correct the record
        First, you can register (as Einstein, if you like) and comment without pre-moderation.

        Second, I routinely seek comment from the principals and they routinely decline to reply. For example, I am still waiting for Chuck Strome to respond on the story we broke about the drug arrest. Do you expect me to hold a story because the City government or school district or police department refuse to answer questions?

        Third, you are free to correct ANY errors you find.

        It seems to me you are giving up your credibility by making a blanket statement about MY credibility and then failing to cite a single example.

        I do not publish every tip I get. But when I have a source that I deem credible I sometimes run it. Where possible I try to get a second or even a third source. Regardless, I am not aware of ANY errors in my reporting but have no problem correcting an error. Try me.

      6. Fair is Fair but I Have To Say
        I started reading this site about 8 months ago . I’ve read all the posts and have found stories to be consistent with reporting you find in the mainstream . Stories do have more than one side and I have always waited to hear the other “side” only to be disappointed . More importantly though , when you back away from the minutiae and look at the number of stories revolving around some of the city’s dept’s you can see a pattern of behavior that is not consistent with good or responsible government . So even IF the stories aren’t 100% ( and face it ,it’s the same with Journal News , NY Times Wash Post etc)you have to ask “What’s going on here ?” . I can tell you this, in one of the bigger stories , I know people on both sides . As the story “broke” it was denied . I didn’t talk with Bob Cox but it was clear from my conversations that the other side was more interested in damage control than anything else . Their story was filled with holes that couldn’t support their innocence . That’s what’s so troubling . I can’t correct this story because of what I ‘ve found out . I don’t like hearing all the stuff going on but it has to come out and if the city or whoever else can prove their side , let them . Nobody here is hiding in the sand , if anything the sand is being swept away to show what lurks beneath and that helps everyone . Most telling about the truth is that if so many of the stories were unsubstantiated , the lawyers would have shut the site down long ago . The last thing they want is to have more people looking around and asking more questions . What does that tell you ? . We all want a better New Rochelle , we just have different ways of going about it . You can’t sit back and let a small few decide what’s best for all , mostly themselves . If this site causes change , it will be for the better . That much IS true .

    2. Put Up or Shut Up Congtares
      I congradulate Bob on opening the dialog which has been silenced for too long in NR. Nothing is 100% but you (Congrates) base your opinion on innuendo and insinuation without one factual correction. You drank the Kool Aid or like most civil servants are scared of losing your job. Maybe you are one of the many hacks, given a full-time job with benefits because of who you know/blow. Either way your fact less implication is akin to living in a glass house and throwing stones. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a Kool Aid Drinking Civil Servant!

      1. Dear “Put Up”…
        I won’t correct your spelling or grammer like I was corrected because it would take an hour to fix your post into something legible.
        Anyway, I stated, quite clearly, that readers here should try and realize that all the facts that have been written (in the stories that I have been involved) were based on the author’s limited knowledge of facts. Where facts were thin, opinion was thick. I am asking that you, the reader, only CONSIDER I might know some things the author didn’t in certain instances and not take everything as gospel. It is just “food for thought”.
        As far as the rest of your “moronic” post, I have a family, I have a house and, yes, I will not jeopordize my families future by breaking the law by revealing facts that haven’t been released because of privacy issues. In that regard, you are right, I don’t want to lose my job, lose my benefits or lose the capability of buying “Kool-aid”. No, I didn’t have to “know/blow” anyone to get my job, I went to college, earned my degree and took the tests required and “earned” what I have now, and I intend to keep it. Unlike you, who obviously didn’t get an education. I stated my OPINION, it is up to you, to take it in or ignore it. YOUR CHOICE. I have said all I can say, not all I’d like to say. Take it as you will.
        Why the anger towards Civil Service? Don’t we pick up your trash, put out your fires, help you when you are sick/injured, protect you etc, etc? You will be the first to call 911 if you are scared, or your house is on fire. If you don’t like the system, move to a third world country.
        I’m going to go now, my Kool-Aid is getting warm. Einstien

      2. Hey Einstein – make up your mind
        Wow , you’re all over the map . In one post you say “Too bad most of the information published here is inaccurate or just plain gossip.” and in the next post you say “I stated my OPINION, it is up to you, to take it in or ignore it.”. It seems as if you can’t decide if you’re making an accusation or just stating your opinion . Obviously it is not known if you have a clue about anything reported since you can’t point out one single counterpoint . Since your postings have no continuity of thought , it could not be determined if the money spent on college had any real cost value . Lacking any grasp of what the “system” is , you fail to comprehend that this IS the system . The AMERICAN system , where it is encouraged to question and hold the feet of those who are elected to the fire to assure proper representation. Do you remember hearing about that little thing called The Revolutionary War ? You’re so terrified of the machine that gives you your livelyhood you hunker down in your little cave fearing what might happen if you ripple the water . You’re a perfect fit for a communist country because in MY OPINION you’re an American Traitor . Get a grip , get involved , or get out . There now, was THAT proper reporting you dolt ?

      3. It is clear as day
        The opinion I gave was simply stating “Don’t believe everything you read”. The facts I know about (and you don’t) are in regards to incidents of which I was privy. Being that the information is confidential, I can only allude to it in a forum such as this. I was, and will continue, to ask the reader to explore possibility that there is more to a story, including the fact that some of the “facts” printed here might not be entirely accurate. There is nothing wrong with keeping an open mind. The problem with readers like you, is you believe whatever Robert, “Deepthroat” or whoever has access to a computer posts in a public domain. This is not a “cult”, try thinking for yourself.
        I didn’t say you have to believe what I am posting. Again, I am simply pointing out that my knowledge of some of the incidents reported on here were not represented properly. In time, at a community funtion or at one of Robert’s “classes”, I would like to debate Robert on his “reporting”. I have never met the man, I have nothing personal against him, I just feel that he has sometimes been irresponsible when he couldn’t obtain all the information he sought. I look forward to a constructive debate with him.
        As far as the idea that I’m “afraid” of a site such as this you are dead wrong. I honestly love the idea of watchdog groups and forums such as this. I applaud Robert for the idea and the time he spends on this. It just needs some “tightening up” in the reporting dept. I just don’t feel it is right when people are accused of wrong doing without all the facts, their photos published without all the facts. You call me “American Traitor”? Isn’t one of our American rights “Innocent until proven guilty”? Isn’t one of our moral responsibilites not to “Bear false witness against thy nighbor”? You, my friend, are the essence of what is wrong in this country. Your don’t know the first thing about being a good neighbor or even being a good American. You want to shoot and ask questions later.

      4. let’s fix any errors!
        I will say it again, if you can help correct any errors you are more than welcome to do so. I do the best I can to report information I believe to be correct but if I have some story wrong or some element of a story wrong I would welcome the opportunity to correct the record. What I can tell you is that I have not willfully published information I knew to be untrue.

        As you have been doing here, you are welcome to comment and correct the record or to register and write your own articles for this site with your version of events. That you refuse to do so — for whatever reason you care to offer — leaves you in the position of challenging my credibility based on the say so of some anonymous commenter on the Internet. I hate to break it to you, but this is not the path towards establishing YOUR credibility.

        Like the site or not, agree with what I write or not, I do not hide behind the mask of anonymity. What I write are my words and I take responsibility for them. Can you say the same? Nope.

        A class at the library is not the appropriate forum for a “debate” and I am not sure what we would “debate” since you keep claiming that you cannot say what exactly is wrong with any particular story because you are in such a sensitive position that to disclose what you know or how you know it would cause the earth to stop spinning on its axis. I would say you are suffering from delusions of grandeur. If you cannot say aloud any stories that are wrong or why they are wrong then what exactly would be debating in this debate?

        As far as your opinion that sometimes I’ve been “irresponsible when he couldn’t obtain all the information he sought”, I would reiterate my previous point. Are you suggesting that I not run a story because the police or city government or school district will not respond to requests for information or comment on a particular story? It doesn’t work that way. If they want their side of the story to be reported then they are going to need to respond to my requests for information or comment. If they don’t — and they typically do not — then they (or you) have no basis to whine when a particular story does not come out the way you (or they) like.

        I am well aware that New Rochelle officials have grown accustomed to working with “news” organizations that will play patty-cake with them all day long. We ain’t them.

      5. Robert, I understand what
        Robert, I understand what you are saying regarding my credibility and me hiding behind the “mask of anonymity”, but I am bound by privacy issues. That is why I have said, over and over, to your readers to be careful thinking everything is gospel once it is written and published. I cannot prove myself here, but a reasonable person will understand what I am trying to say and make there own determination.
        This debate back and forth on TOTS is not going to work. You are right, I have no credibility in this forum because of my limitations. That being said, I know you will be more than satisfied with my credibility if and when we meet to discuss your stories and the inaccuracies I have seen.
        I will seek you out in the near future and go over some of the past stories you have written, to which I have been a part of, and explain what has been wrong without violating the privacy issues to which I am bound. I will do this in the interest of fairness. rest assured, I will not interupt your classes.
        Robert, I like the premise here. This can be a valuble source of local coverage for the citizens of NR. Are you willing to make it more credible? If you are, I for one, will appluad your efforts.
        To be continued. Einstien

      6. Happy to meet and chat anytime
        As more than a few readers and contributors can attest, I am always willing to meet up with folks, grab a cup of coffee and chat or — talk on the phone.

        I am not sure how many different ways I can say it but I am always willing to correct any errors. There is enough news being made in New Rochelle without the need to manufacture it. If we have something wrong (not opinion but fact) then you will find I have not a single hesitation to strike out the error and fix it so that folks can see the correction AND the error.

        That said, the idea of this site is for their to be a discussion on topics of interest to New Rochelle residents and other stakeholders in out City. No one can dictate “credibility” by fiat. Just as in any other aspect of life, people have to make their own decisions on who they believe. That applies to me, you and any other commenter or contributor here. It seems to me, however, that the best way to get at genuine understanding is for all sides to be heard from and through a diabetic process arrive at something close to “truth”. Now I do not want to go all metaphysical on you and digress into a discussion on the topic of “what is truth?” but this forum is set up to allow all sides to be heard from so long as they meet some minimum standards of decorum.

        I cannot give or take away your credibility any more than you can mine. So, it is not a matter of wanting to make the site “more credible”. It is a matter of making sure all sides are given a fair shot to state their point of view. And, if there are errors, to clearly and quickly correct those errors.

        My contact information is above. I would be happy to hear from you.

      7. Fixing Errors
        You could start in fixing errors by deleting the articles and cross-referenced articles in your archives which state that former Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro was fired for insubordination, which archived articles continue to show up on Google and Yahoo. Bernis Shapiro was not fired and she was not insubordinate.

      8. We do not DELETE articles…
        We CORRECT them.

        If you have information about Bernis Shapiro’s departure from City Hall by all means share it. You can start with explaining why, after many years working for the City, she suddenly stopped working there. Specifically, why was she working for the City on Thursday and then not working for the City on Friday?

        Clear that up for us and then we can talk about the rest of the story. If you are her “friend” do you really want me to publish the ENTIRE story. Because I know the entire story down to the tiniest little detail. I believe what we published was sufficient but if you (or she) feels the need to have the blow-by-blow recounted here we can accommodate you. Rest assured, it is not going to HELP her cause.

      9. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – Correcting Errors
        What actually happened in this matter is that when former Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro attempted to discipline a favored employee in her department, Bernis was punished instead. That favored employee is the current Interim Corporation Counsel Kathleen Gill.

      10. Bernis Shapiro was punished?
        Please continue…

        She was “punished”? For what? By whom? And what form did this “punishment” take?

        So far you have provided no information that contradicts what we published but by all means keep plugging away.

      11. There You Go Again Einstien
        The fact that places like this exist is evidence of people thinking for themselves as opposed to believing what they read in the Journal News or press releases from the various city departments . Do you realy think you invented the two sides to a story concept ? Those whom would seek alternate sources are in the minority and I would suggest bright enough to separate the wheat from the chaff as it were . Are you afraid we will all rise up as divine followers of a new religion , or that we might see what’s really going on in New Rochelle . Here’s a little advice , check the sourcing and facts of any of the news sources you hold so dearly and see if they hold up to the scrutiny you apply here . You’re like a three year old saying ” ooooo I know a secret and you don’t ” . If you had any interest in setting the record straight you would find a way to do it . Instead you apply a self imposed importance to yourself by inventing your own higher ground . Just as we shouldn’t believe what Cox is posting , why should we believe your comments ? You’re not the only one who is close to these stories. Hundreds of people revolve around the many items reported here and other places . I can tell you this , I do know about one of the bigger stories and in listening to how the “official” side explained it there were more than a few contradictions in what happened and how it was handled . In that story , Bob Cox was right . Does that mean everything is always the whole story ? You’ll never find that anywhere , but by “thinking for myself” I and the others with me were able to decide for ourselves and that was before we read your post . Imagine that people not needing your opinion . So , unless you really have something to say , pointing out the incredibly obvious won’t be needed , the merely obvious will suffice . Unitl then , we’ll take you advice and not believe anything you say .

      12. re:There you go again E..
        Good, I’m glad the “story” you knew something about was “true” with what was written here. Good for those involved, good for TOTS readers and good for NR.
        I have said in many of my posts you don’t have to believe me. I have already told Robert I will make my case to him in person without violating the privacy issues that abound in the incidents to which I was involved.
        BTW, I don’t hold any news source “dearly”. But there are three sides to every story…This side, that side and the truth. I didn’t invent that either. Here’s a little advice to you. Don’t read my posts…just scroll to the bottom, see my signature and keep it moving.

      13. re :re
        Many of the issues presented on this site have to do with public officials and public business . I’m sure one or two might have a privacy concern , but generally , isn’t the point here to increase transparency in government and flush out the public issues that have been to long kept “private”? While you may have your own privacy concerns , isn’t there some way to point others in the right direction? There is no absolute right to privacy when it comes to public administration and where public money is involved . The truth needs to come out . Failure to do so only feeds the fire of obscurity and misrepresentation to the public .

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