Firefighters Top List of “The Nation’s Top Eight Most-Demanding Jobs”

Written By: Robert Cox

Given all the back and forth about looming budget cuts and the impact on the New Rochelle Fire Department and New Rochelle Police Department, a recently released study might be worth some consideration.

Careercast, a leading job’s web site, has put together its list of the nation’s eight most-demanding jobs. The list is based on a new study from’s 2009 Jobs Rated Report:

Compiled using information from the Department of Labor and Jobs Rated’s exclusive data on 200 different jobs, the new report ranks positions based on a combination of work hours, stress and physical demands to determine the eight most-demanding jobs overall, along with separate rankings of the most exhausting blue- and white-collar positions.

The Nation’s Top Eight Most-Demanding Jobs

1) Firefighter

2) Surgeon

3) Senior corporate executive

4) Police officer

5) Roustabout

6) Sailor

7) General practice physician

8) Psychiatrist

U.S. Department of Labor – Fire Fighting Occupation

LINK UPDATED, RE-DIRECTED to Public Administration web site.

  • Fire fighting involves hazardous conditions and long, irregular hours.
  • About 9 out of 10 fire fighting workers were employed by local governments.
  • Applicants for city fire fighting jobs generally must pass written, physical, and medical examinations.
  • Although employment is expected to grow faster than the average, keen competition for jobs is expected because this occupation attracts many qualified candidates.

11 thoughts on “Firefighters Top List of “The Nation’s Top Eight Most-Demanding Jobs””

  1. Oh, The Irony
    And the City wants to eliminate 16 firefighters and 20 cops Somebody please send this article to the brain trusts that run the city. Ask president Grey how the commish has been treating his men recently and for a real colorful story on employee gratitude reach out to the old presedent.

    1. Everyone knows the fire
      Everyone knows the fire commish is screwing the ex union president, taking food off his table. Hiding behind a woman lawyer nontheless.

      1. Know about it but not sure I
        Know about it but not sure I get it. Best raises we had in my career. All he wanted was the best for us and always made sure we did our jobs. I’m not sure what to think will happen if I ever get hurt.

      2. The work ethic was not the
        The work ethic was not the problem. He went up against the machine. Remember the grievances, it’s all about payback. He tried to help a few of the guys, too bad it took him getting hurt to see what actually goes on. God luck in your pursuit of justice.

      3. KierNONE does not like to be
        KierNONE does not like to be challenged by anyone, his ego bigger than his head. He’s using every dirty trick he knows,and he knows alot of em’, to screw those who bucked him and those who may think of it in the future. Nice guy.

      4. Sounds like sour grapes
        Sounds like sour grapes fella. Shoulda played the game and reaped the benefits. No complaints here, livin large in retirement.

      5. Sweet grapes….I’m sure the
        Sweet grapes….I’m sure the taxpayers(who are reading this) are happy for you…playing the game? reaping the benefits?
        Livin large? In Florida? That’s not living, that’s living in an oven.
        I’ll agree it IS a game, and the taxpayers are the losers.
        KierNONE will be leaving with a bundle too, no doubt. He’s a pig, lookin’ for a spit.

      6. The truth about KierNONE
        The truth about KierNONE will be exposed day and night, in every venue possible.Count on it. He’s DONE.

      7. Snowball’s chance in hell
        Kiernan screwed his long time friend. The one that was his right hand man and always stood up for him. What do you think your chances are if you get hurt?

      8. The current union pres knows
        The current union pres knows all about the shameful way injured retired and active firefighters are being treated. Good news though, the whole job is now aware of the outrageous treatment shown towards those hurt in the performance of their duties.

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