Avalon Marketing Executive Disparages Trangucci Proposal to Support New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

0A384DDA-D535-43E9-9818-58485D3B503E.jpgApparently Kevin Thompson, Avalon Vice President for Marketing does not think too much of New Rochelle City Councilman Lou Trangucci’s proposal to ask downtown developer Avalon Bay Communities to voluntarily fork over a million buck a year to help balance the City’s books.

Mr. Thompson who resides in faraway Fredericksburg, VA, described the request that his company consider helping bear a fraction of the costs their properties have inflicted on the City of New Rochelle as a quote ‘donation’ unquote where putting quotation marks around the term in what appears to be the national head of marketing’s way of disparaging the budget difficulties the City faces in part due his company’s misrepresentations about who would be living in their buildings.

Here’s a little “news-flash” for Avalon’s resident “marketing genius”. Avalon has received tens of millions dollars in tax abatements from the City of New Rochelle which filling their buildings with far more kids than originally projected and far more older people who regular call 9-1-1 to receive police, fire and paramedic and services for free. The New Rochelle school district is paying out millions of dollars a year to educate kids who Avalon “projected” would not be in their buildings. At the same time ignoring past claims that the residents in their properties would be primarily people with disposable income and but now out aggressively marketing Avalon Two as if it were a college dormitory, filling it with college students who have close to zero disposable income and who, according to Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak spend most of what little money they have on weekend trips into Manhattan.

I sure hope Mr. Thompson is not visiting his company’s New Rochelle properties on the day the impact of not having enough firefighters to put out a high-rise fire comes home to roost. Perhaps if something tragic happens to Mr. Thompson New Rochelle residents can take up a “donation” for his “wife” and “kids” back in Fredericksburg.

Hey! Talk of the Sound can put words in quotation marks too.

Here’s one for Mr. Thompson: “Jackass”.


For folks interested in getting Avalon’s attention you might want to read this article in which Mr. Thompson tips his hand as to web sites where they do not want to disparaging comments about this company.

Our practice is to not only monitor AptRatings (as well as Yelp) for any and all communications about AVB, but to funnel any complaints/feedback to our internal Customer Service department (which then tracks quality and timing of responses, assuring every feedback is addressed).

If you share our outrage in Avalon’s cavalier attitude towards the financial hardship their developments have inflicted on New Rochelle you might consider visiting Mr. Thomason’s two favorite websites and posting your thoughts about his company over there.



The Marketing Genius does not have his email address on his web page at Avalon so you cannot reach him directly via email but you can contact his company and ask for him:

Avalon Bay Contact Info

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  1. There’s Some Interesting Reviews About Avalon
    If you happen to go to http://www.apartmentratings.com and type in the 10801 zip code , you can click on the Avalon buildings . There you’ll find some “insight” to issues and learn about some of the “events” being held at these fine examples of downtown housing. I’m sure there’s people who enjoy living there , but opinion would suggest just what the buildings have turned into . Probably the whole “couples with disposable income” concept didn’t quite turn out as planned .

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