Three Firemen hurt at Morning Fire on Pelham Road

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Thick white smoke could be seen billowing from the garage area of the New Rochelle Streets and Highways building at 40 Pelham Road today, Sunday, 9/27 at 8:45am. Police blocked off Pelham Road in front of the building. Multiple fire engines could be seen fighting the fire from the parking lot of the marina. Other engines were working from Pelham Road.

We went to the Oyster Festival this evening and spoke to two firemen. They said it was a “2 Alarm” fire and all city firemen were called to the scene. The firemen started working on the fire at 7:30am and it was out before noon.

The fire started inside the garage, possibly from a city truck. The fire spread to the ceiling. The smoke had a petroleum chemical smell. There was a lot of damage to the building, particularly the roof.

Three firemen were taken by ambulance to Sound Shore Medical Center and released. The firemen were taken for smoke inhalation, and one fell down stairs. They were released today.

Several firemen had already left to run in the Tunnel to Tower run for 9-11 American hero Stephen Siller. They were not called back to the scene.

We thank our city firemen for their hard and dangerous work. The men we spoke to were very polite and professional. They are really a wonderful asset to New Rochelle. I have seen NR firemen teaching safety to school children and as a PTA member really appreciate that.

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