Accident on Pelham Road

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Yesterday (10/19/2009) there was a pretty scary accident on Pelham Road, almost directly in front of Trinity School. The accident occurred about 12:30.

A neighbor who is an EMT in Mamoreneck was the first to respond, he happened to be home and lives almost in front of the accident. The city responded with 3 firetrucks, the Critical Incident Truck, and numerous police cars. A Fireman entered the vehicle while it was on its side to help out the driver.
It seems as if the SUV flipped on it’s side when it struck a parked minivan.

The SUV was supported by blocks/wedges of wood to give it stability.
The driver was taken away in an ambulance, but according to a policemen on the scene she wasn’t seriously injured.

You can see the damage to the minivan by the rear driver’s side tire.

As always the NRPD and the NRFD responded professionally and quickly. The accident was cleared just in time for the Trinity dismissal which is a nightmare on a regular day!

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  1. Great job by the NRFD, as
    Great job by the NRFD, as usual. I hope no one got hurt. If so they’ll be thrown to the wolves.

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