Dozens of Ursuline Students Arrested in Early Morning Roundup (SEE CORRECTION BELOW)

Written By: Robert Cox

CORRECTION: No Arrests During Ursuline “Ring Day” Roundup

FBE656AA-6C26-42D2-B817-A7B2688508CB.jpgTalk of the Sound has learned that dozens of Ursuline students were arrested last Friday for alcohol-related violations. Initial reports are that the arrests were made Friday morning before school. New Rochelle police responded to calls from residents that the students had gathered near Indian Trail in New Rochelle.

The students gathered in anticipation of Ring Day, a long-held tradition at the all-girls Catholic school, described on the school’s web site:


Ursuline is known for its Ring Day, in October, the official ceremony of the bond that links the seniors to the thousands of alumnae who have gone before. The entire school participates in a celebration of unity, togetherness, and joy as the seniors receive their rings. The Junior class plans months in advance and decorates the building, which is one of the highlights of the day. The tradition of Ring Day involves each senior proudly walking through the giant golden ring, which dates back to the 1940’s. The crossing of the threshold symbolizes connection to the school community summed up in the Latin phrase inscribed in the ring: Ac Fui, meaning, “I was there, I was a part.” And truly, each student completely understands this only after she has stepped through the giant ring and received her own ring, with each member of the school community cheering her on.

Talk of the Sound has contacted NRPD for further details.