Mayor Bramson and Majority of City Council Members “Stab Property Owners In Back While Kissing Their Cheeks”

Written By: Deprecated User

Watching the Lying, Good for Nothing Mayor Bramson, along with his mindless majority council member followers (Albert “Turn Coat” Tarantino of District #2, James “The Jerk” Stowe of District #3, Barry “Beaker” Fertel of District #5 and Marianne “The Neck” Sussman of District #6), no one needs to wonder why New Rochelle is where it is at today, broke and down in the dumps. I’ve come to realize that our mayor and these council members like to hear themselves talk. It’s quite amazing the words that come out of there mouths to try and justify a tax increase. They try and make it seem that they did us, the home owners of New Rochelle, a favor by lowering the tax increase from 8.5% to 5.5%. It really is amazing. Not only do they try to justify the increase, but at the same time they are saying that not only with the increase in property take effect but services will also be cut at the same time. This is just like getting a kiss on the cheek while at the same time they are stabbing you in the back not with one but with two knives in each hand. The only two councilmen that Bramson can’t mind control are Louis Trangucci of District #1 and Richard St. Paul of District #4, which I was a bit shocked. So now our taxes will increase while our city services decrease thanks to Bramson and his mindless, kiss ass followers.

Everyone, here’s an inside scoop. Should the cut in services cause the city or you a decrease in safety and/or quality of life, they New Rochelle can be held liable, which means you can sue and collect upon your damages.

Remember these names: Bramson, Tarantino, Stowe, Fertel and Sussman. These are the ones you shouldn’t vote for come November 2010. These are the ones that ruined and are continuing to ruin New Rochelle while increasing taxes and cutting services. Really think about what the City offers taxpayers for what we are paying. You will see that we receive absolutely nothing for what we are paying for when it comes to both city services and schools.