All About ICLEI: Part VI

Written By: Robert Cox

This is Part VI in a 7 part series “All About ICLEI”

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In Part I we heard Mayor Bramson announce the The ICLEI Pilot Program, in Part II we began to unravel the organizations behind the ICLEI Pilot Program and some of the vague or undefined terms used to describe ICLEI. In Part III, we looked at the organizations behind ICLEI’s Five Milestones for Climate Mitigation. In Part IV, we outlined the historical development of ICLEI from a 1990 Global Warming conference organized by the United Nations and their efforts to implement Agenda 21. In Part V, we looked at who is running the UN Commission behind Agenda 21 and raised some questions for New Rochelle residents. Today we look at Anthropogenic Global Warming

ICLEI takes as its premise that Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is not only a scientific sound theory but a fact that is not subject to discussion or debate. As we shall see in our next installment, the consensus on AGW has been fabricated and Americans have become increasingly skeptical about whether or not the planet is warming let alone whether the cause is primarily the result of man-made carbon emissions.

From that point it can justify any action that will reduce carbon emissions.

Americans, however, are becoming increasingly skeptical.

The Washington Post: Fewer Americans believe in global warming, poll shows

And perhaps with good reason as the so-called ClimateGate scandal has revealed that leading proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) have been cooking the books to hide evidence that contradicts their beliefs.

UK Telegraph: Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?

In fact, global temperature have been falling over the past decade, not rising. For proponents of AGW, it is heresy to even mention this “inconvenient” fact let alone raise questions about whether man is the cause or primary cause of long-term temperature trends around the globe. We do not need a community discussion which begins by excluding points of view.

As the ClimateGate scandal has gained wider attention, new questions have been raised. Not only are there questions about the data, the methods used by climate researchers and the attempt to subvert the peer-review process to claim a false consensus but new questions about the software these researchers use. Meanwhile, former defenders are starting to backtrack, American universities are starting to investigate their own professors, the British university home to the Climate Research Unit is investigating itself, the United Nations is investigating itself and the CRU at East Anglia University, and the the United States Senate is investigating,

Meanwhile, leaders from around the world including President Obama prepare to meet in Copenhagen.

Most World Leaders to Attend U.N. Climate Summit

President Obama intends to stop in Copenhagen on his way to Oslo, Norway where he will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for which he was nominated after two weeks in office.

Mayor Bramson ignores these concerns as he steams full-speed ahead with his GreenNR initiative while presenting the involvement of ICLEI as an unalloyed good and never once mentions that the only “prize” New Rochelle has one is the right to pay ICLEI for membership dues, consulting services, software and “facilitators”.

New Rochelle Preps Its Sustainability Plan

If you believe that New Rochelle “won” something when the Mayor announced the the City was “selected” by ICLEI for its pilot program then I want to introduce you to my good friend General Mboto from Nigeria. He works for a top secret government panel that needs your help in transferring $21,456,231 out of the country and if you will just send him $1,000 now he will deposit the $21mm in your account and for your trouble you can keep 10% of the $21 mm.

Next up, what is “Sustained Development” and why is an ICLEI partner from Connecticut on New Rochelle’s “GreenNR” board?

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