New Rochelle’s Political Contributors, Development, Favoring Extensions – Does it Make You Wonder?

Written By: John D'Alois

In a recent reply to a posted comment, the suggestions raised my curiosity about the make up of a political contributor base. The initial results were “interesting”, both in the amounts and variety of contributions. Most interesting were the 5 seperate contributions, each for $1,000.00, made by members of the Ratner family (as in Forest City Ratner)based in Cleveland, OH. These are all legal, transparent contributions made by people who support Mr Bramsons run for office. Did I mention they all live in Cleveland(a beautiful city in it’s own right)? Apparently, you can check the lists of political contributions on the New York State Board of Elections website. Who Knew? So, if you’re interested in how your favorite politician is getting to where he/she’s going, visit the site. You never know what might turn up.

One thought on “New Rochelle’s Political Contributors, Development, Favoring Extensions – Does it Make You Wonder?”

  1. Bramson takes $5000 from developer for special treatment ?
    If I donated 2% of the mayors funds for election , I bet i could get things done my way too . Do you really think the Ratner family , living in Cleveland gives a rats ass about the citizens of New Rochelle ? Of course it goes beyond the 5 g’s here . I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there is an understanding between parties that when the time comes for Bramsons “moving up ” to Nitas slot there will be plenty more money available if the Echo Bay disaster goes through as planned . Developer welfare for Forest City and Capelli will kill the taxpayer and Bramson will just move on leaving the residents holding the bag . Like Tom Jeffferstahl says , no more apartments . It is Forest City’s mission statement to buy up any and all property and OWN it for generations . Makes it a lucrative deal when you throw in the 30 year tax abatements . The renters won’t care about NR as long as they get theirs and as soon as the locals get to be too much in their exclusive little corner of NR they will close off access to the private property . Stop the special interest politics now. We need more voices to be heard here and now . Lecount is dead in the water with no prospect of anything happening for years . Capelli wants downtown to decay until he gets his act together . Council does NOT have to vote on the extension , there’s no requirement for it and letting the extension expire doesn’t mean Capelli can’t make his run at the project . It only means we as a city can move forward without Capellis restrictions . It’s enough to make you sick . We can change it all at the voting booth .

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