New Rochelle Doctor Kidnapped, Forced to Treat Russian Gangster Exposed to Weapons Grade Uranium

Written By: Robert Cox

NewRo Doc on 24.jpgLast night in New York City, two men burst into the office of Dr. Joel Levine of 1614 Brook Street in New Rochelle and forced him at gunpoint to treat a Russian gangster who was recently exposed to Uranium 235. The two men are part of a conspiracy to sell weapons grade uranium to the leaders of coup intended to overthrow Omar Hassan, President of the Islamic Republic.

Dr. Levine was attempting to call for help when one of the two men drew a gun on him and told him “…my men are outside your house in New Rochelle…they’re outside the gate…the address is 1614 Brook Street…the light in your little daughter’s room just went out about ten minutes ago.”

Of course it was all in good fun. Just another eventful evening for Jack Bauer and the cast of 24, as the “retired” CTU agent races against the clock to thwart a plot to transfer weapons of mass destruction to an unstable Middle Eastern country. To watch the scene, click the image from 24 above and skip ahead to the 36:09 minute mark.

Recap: Day 8, Episode 5

Dr. Levine is getting ready to go home when Josef and Oleg burst into his office. When Dr. Levine tries to call an ambulance, Josef draws a gun and tells him nobody must know about this. He tells the doctor he knows his address… and there are men outside his gate. His daughter’s bedroom light just went out ten minutes ago. Levine says he’s not sure what he can do; Oleg’s radiation poisoning is very advanced. He asks what sort of uranium it was, and Josef tells him it was weapons grade 235.

FB0A7ACE-F183-45DB-8FDD-0BE5A0A79F6D.jpgThe character of Dr. Levine is played by Eli Goodman a Chicago-based actor originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Don’t get too enamored with Dr. Levine. His fate was foreshadowed in an earlier scene (Russian gangsters tend to kill anyone who can identify them to authorities) and his acting credits consist of two episodes of 24 (5 and 6).

There is no 1614 Brook Street in New Rochelle but there is a 16 Brook Street which is near the Hartley Houses off Lincoln Avenue so unless Dr. Levine is living in a tent in Hartley Park the address is not real.

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