Trump Tower NYSC Health Club Closed Due to Flooding, Ceiling Collapse

Written By: Robert Cox

C57C4BDE-771D-4B9C-920F-B0A5643257F8.jpgA Talk of the Sound reader sends the following:

While at NYSC in Larchmont yesterday evening I noticed the place was overly crowded. I asked the receptionist what happened. She explained the Roof collapsed at the New Rochelle location and it would be closed for a while.

Calls to the New Rochelle NYSC location at 175 Huguenot Street (Trump Tower) are being re-routed to the Larchmont location at 15 Madison Avenue (near I-95 Exit 17). A person answering calls to the New Rochelle location said the ceiling collapsed due to water coming into the building due to the heavy rains yesterday, that the ceiling was damaged and there was water damage in the facility. The person did not know when the New Rochelle facility would be re-open.

If you are a member of NYSC and have further information or an update when the location re-opens send us an email at newrochelletalk AT me DOT com.

UPDATE: Channel 12 News Roof damage from storm shuts down gym (video)

They are reporting that parts of the roof above the women’s locker room and the pool area were ripped off due to high winds. There is a temporary roof in place. The facility will remained closed under New Rochelle building inspectors give their OK.

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  1. NYSC New Rochelle – scheduled to reopen next Saturday
    Today at NYSC in Larchmont there was a sign that the NYSC in New Rochelle is planning to reopen next Saturday. The damage was pretty extensive, including water damage. The Larchmont club was very accommodating to NR members. Thanks for that! But I am looking forward to our local club reopening.

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