New Rochelle Police Block Public Access to Controversial Fantasy Football Web Site

Written By: Robert Cox

nr-pffl-password.jpgEarlier today, the operator of the NRPD’s P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League web site blocked public access to the site by installing a password-protection feature. The URL for the site is

The original site which was used for 11 eleven years is, as of this moment, still available to the public:

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4 thoughts on “New Rochelle Police Block Public Access to Controversial Fantasy Football Web Site”

  1. FYI….
    The site was not blocked by the “New Rochelle Police”. That headline insiuates that the department had controlling access. The site was blocked by the website manager, a civilian.
    Also, all non-essential sites are blocked within the city’s network using the “Barracuda” filter. All city employees, police included, are effectively blocked from accessing ANY non-essential websites. In other words, they can’t participate in fantasy sports using city computers. FYI

    1. thanks for the update
      That the city network would block access to the site answers several of the questions I raised in that regard so I appreciate getting that information.

      As for the headline, the site was created by and for New Rochelle police officers and the league is predominantly made up of teams owned by New Rochelle police officers and is displays the NRPD patch on the site with a link back to the NRPD web site and has a photo of an NRPD officer in uniform and specifically says the league was created by officers of the NRPD PACT Unit so while I understand why you wrote what you wrote yours is a distinction without a difference.

      1. Wow
        So NRPD should demand that all references to NRPD be removed from the publicly viewable space. Then are we done with this? Or is it still important for someone to be drawn & quartered? for doing what millions of other americans do every year.

  2. Who REALLY cares. I am
    Who REALLY cares. I am actually glad they put a password protection on the site. If the New Rochelle Police Department officers want to play fantasy football there is NO crime in that and Mr Cox you need to get a REAL hobby and stop harassing the NRPD and slandering the GOOD name of the NRPD

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