City of New Rochelle Considers Changing Parking Rules for Downtown Area

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To all downtown residents and bussiness owners the city of new Rochelle wants to change the parking rules for us. They want to start charging us to park after 6:00pm . They want the meters on the street to go till 11:00pm and the downtown lots (maple ave,prospect st,division st. Garage,libary lots,centre ave lot)24/7.So if you go to church on Sunday pay up ,if you dine downtown pay up,if you go visit mom & dad or grandparents on maple pay up,and I ask why is it only downtown why not city wide?? A bussiness owner on division st states that people are parking on that street all night long.I thought we had to move the cars by 4:00am?Do the bussiness owners have permits for there employees? If not where do they park maybe it’s the bussiness owners and there employees taking up the spots on division st.This is bad news for residents and bussiness owners.please call your coucil member or mayor to say no to meter and lot extended hours.

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  1. Money City has received should go back to Firefighters!
    I recently heard that the City of New Rochelle received some money from the sale of the Avalon building. This money is to be paid in installments, if I read correctly. Question- Didn’t the New Rochellle Firefighters just defer their contractual raises to bail the City out? The Firefighters gave up their raises to keep 6 or 7 members from being laid off, correct? So why doesn’t the City make good on the part of the Firefighters?

    If you claim to be broke, borrow money from someone, and then receive money from another source, shouldn’t you pay back the money you borrowed from the first guy??? Or do you keep the money for a “rainy day”, as quoted by one councel member?

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