Con Edison and City Hall Ignore South End of New Rochelle

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As of 4:20PM, Saturday, March 13th, the power went out for all residence of Sycamore Park, located in the South End of New Rochelle, bordering Pelham Manor. On Sunday, March 14th around 11:00AM the problem confirmed by Con Edison Customer Service via a phone that a transformer went out on Kings Hwy. I visually observer two Con Edison vehicles. One even asked me where 75 Kings Hwy was located. So with this information I assumed that the transformer would be changed in a few hours and that the power would be restored. Well, this did not come to be. When returning home, there were no Con Edison vehicles to be found. I thought that power was restored, it was not. I then contacted Con Edison again and asked about the status of my power. They told me that they had no information. I then informed them that I called earlier that morning and that another representative informed me that a transformer was out on Kings Hwy. and that I visually had seen the crew and actually spoke to on e of the workers. Once again, she stated that there was no record of anyone dispatched to that location and that no record confirming that a transformer was out. This is outrageous. The representative then stated that the crew may have been pulled from that site to go to another site, but that there was no record of this. I then proceeded to drive around the South End of New Rochelle. To no surprise, there wasn’t one Con Edison vehicle in site. But when I drove to the North End, every block had a Con Ed crew on it. This was insulting. Even in an emergency power outage, Mayor Bramson was able to somehow pull Con Edison workers from the South End so that the North End residences can receive power. If I haven’t witnessed this first had, I wouldn’t have believed it. I even went the next step. I actually spoke to a Con Edison field worker and they confirmed that they were being told to service this area, meaning the North End, before other areas. Later that evening, I once again contacted Con Edison via phone to find out more. This time I made a stink about this entire situation and how workers were pulled from the South End to service the North End. This goes to show everyone that Bramson and Strome favor the North End of New Rochelle more then the South End. We see it in every way, the schools, the parks, the playgrounds, the road conditions the police coverage, everything. Enough is enough. Bramson and Strome must be kicked out. They continue to divide New Rochelle into two and favor one over the other. New Rochelle is ONE CITY and every area should be maintained and services equally.

Kick out Bramson and Strome!!! Time for Change in New Rochelle!!!!

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  1. Not True
    I do not agree with you due to the fact that the North End got hit a lot harder during the storm than the South End. Most of the people in the South End had power and most of the people in the North End did not so Cond Ed had to go where the need was greater. The need was greater in the North End. Also, there are people in Bronxville which is a mostly white community who still do not have power after five days.

  2. There is a North and South divide
    Mayor Bramson is incapable of understanding the reality of the North and South divide. He is after all a professional politician! His current position of a part-time mayor at a full-time salary is simply a stepping stone to a state level or federal level position. He speaks english well and has tremendous command of rhetoric. Do not expect ideas for creative community-wide change. What was that Green initiative all about? Where is it? Do not expect a preocupation for the working class community in New Rochelle. He is a cheerleader to political PACS. He is a cheerleader for developers with deep pockets. Has he returned the donations of the Ratners (who are nebulous and live to butter up politicians everywhere that suits them)? Now we have a tragic storm. I don’t know why all of the sudden he’s involved in public commentary. He has no clue what to do or how to do it. Leave this city management to Chuck Strome the highest ranking professional city executive. Where’s the “Wet” Ice Noam? Lot’s of upset people at City Hall this morning!

  3. I don’t know what North End
    I don’t know what North End you are talking about because my block has no power nor have we heard one chain saw going to cut any of the trees across the roads. I will admit the response has been abysmal but not just in the South. To get from point A to point B it takes many tries as all the roads in the North end have detours for reasons I can’t understand.
    I have yet to see PineBrook opened and frankly I would complain that the North End is been ignored from my perspective. Stick the Wet and Dry Ice where the the sun don’t shine I want to hear some screaming chain saws going.

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