Bramson, Strome, City Council Must Be Held Accountable

Written By: Deprecated User

Through out Westchester County, every time we experience strong storms and winds, residence lose power caused by trees taking out power lines. Well, enough is enough! It is time for someone to take a stand. The City has cut many services and we see that tree maintenance and care are now one of them. Due to this cutback, Mayor Bramson and Charles Strome are to blame for any City owned trees that have caused outages of all kinds and for all damages, injuries and deaths. The Noam Bramson, Charles Strome and all City Council Members must be held responsible and liable for their actions, like all criminals. They easily raise taxes so we can pay for their high salaries and all their extravagant unnecessary entertainment expenses while cutting valuable services to ensure a safer cleaner New Rochelle.

Home owners of Westchester County should now be held liable for power outages caused by downed trees that fall from their property as well. These trees should be looked at, maintained and trimmed to heights that will not interrupt power, cable and phone service to other home owners or residence every year.

The City of New Rochelle should implement fines of no less then $1,000 per incident when a tree located within a homes property lines falls and disrupts power, cable or phone service to the surrounding area. These fines will be used to maintain City owned trees and shrubs and to be used towards public beautification projects.

Con Edison is not to blame when it comes to trees taking out lines. The City of New Rochelle and residents who do not properly maintain their trees are to blame. Con Edison can only do so much.

Enough is enough!!! Time to Clean Out City Hall!!! Time for Change!!!