WindStorm 2010 Day 4: 7,000 Still Without Power in New Rochelle, Dry Ice Distribution at City Hall, Help on the Way

Written By: Robert Cox

The Mayor made his third robo-call this morning:

This is Mayor Noam Bramson with another update on emergency storm response.

First, if you are using a generator, it must NOT be placed within your home or garage, and should be stationed instead in your rear or side yard, at least 5 feet from your home, ideally away from windows. This is essential to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Second, Con Edison is providing DRY ice behind City Hall at 90 Beaufort Place between Noon and 8:00pm. Con Ed will also have customer service representatives on hand to answer questions.

Now, a general status report as of 11:30am on March 15th:

There are still 67,000 households without power in Westchester, including more than 7,000 here in New Rochelle.

The City’s Police, Fire, and Public Works personnel are in constant contact with Con Ed in order to deploy resources as effectively as possible.

Most Con Ed work until now has been focused on containing safety hazards and restoring road access. Mutual aid crews are arriving in New Rochelle today, and they will be assigned primarily to power restoration, with locations prioritized based on the number of households affected.

The timetable for restoring power at specific sites remains uncertain. It is clear, however, that full restoration will take several days at least. Therefore, we advise you to plan for the worst and make contingency arrangements to stay with family or friends who have heat and electricity.

To report threats to life or safety, please call 911. To report a power outage, please call Con Edison at 1-800-75-CONED or log on to, linking to the upper right corner of the home page. For other inquiries or reports, please call the New Rochelle Emergency Operations Center at 654-2212.

Addition information will be provided, as warranted.

Listen here.


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  1. Certainly thought I would
    Certainly thought I would hear a bit more Chain Sawing in my neighborhood. Its like a war zone, you can’t travel down major roads like Pinebrook Bloulevad for days now. Whats up with that. Instead of Wet Ice and Dry Ice and Mayoral Messages I would like to hear the sound of some Chain saws going. This is rediculous. Its absolute bull that it takes this long to clear major arterial roads like Pinebrook. I certainly understand Local Streets but whats up with this.

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