New Rochelle Sustainability Board / Bd of Ed Superintendant Organisciak/ICLEI/ ACORN/SEIU/Tides Foundation

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Quite a cast of characters wouldn’t you say ? The superintendant of New Rochelle schools gets control of a sustainability board who coconspires with an organization largely backed by municipal unions , a questionable supposed charitable organization and foundation with an extreme far left agenda ?(read this interesting story from the NY Times)

Then , please read the stories about the connections / corruption / and political influence at the following site :

Are you kidding me ? Does New Rochelle really need to get in bed with this kind of “stuff” ? It’s a sad commentary that we can’t develop any of this without their “help” . In the old days they were called carpetbaggers .
New Rochelle should and could make themselves stand out from the rest without joining the “club” . It’s the failed paradigm and inability to build a cooperative environment within the city that forces Comrade Bramson to seek help from outside sources .
This is a typical approach to city management . Without the chance for proper input , this item is going to be rushed through before anyone can evaluate / comment on it properly . Hard to download , not available at the library , the mayor offered ANYONE to come down to his office to look through his copy when he was on the his radio show . Any takers ?
Someting this big NEEDS more review considering how the costs are presented. What’s right for the ICLEI just might not be appropriate for New Rochelle , and once the ICLEI agenda gets traction , there’s no turning back .

New Rochelle should be a leader , not a follower .

When injustice becomes law , resistance becomes duty
– Thomas Jefferson