New Rochelle’s Favorite Spring Pastime: “Really, Richard?”

Written By: Robert Cox

org-liar.jpgAt Councilwoman Marianne Sussman’s District 6 Neighborhood Association meeting, Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak showed up to flack for the school budget once again. He was asked a number of questions to which he responded with his usual patter phony compliments, of mangled statistics and more than a few whoppers to which we could only say “Really, Richard?”

Why does the school tax keep going up?

The City levees the tax, we’re not the ones who set the tax rate.

Really, Richard? Really? And who determines the size of the tax levee, the tooth fairy? The school district sets the levee.

Why not freeze teachers salaries?

In the current contract the teachers are already taking “zero”.

Come on, Richard? Really? Then why are teachers getting a 2% pay increase each year and two thirds getting very large step increases of 5-10%?

Why not cut salaries? Or at least keep them at zero?

The savings are minimal in a “zero increase” contract.

Really? Aren’t salaries and benefits for staff about 70% of the budget?

We hear about kids from Mount Vernon and the Bronx in our schools, is that still the case?

Many are the fictions of this district, that is one of them. Am I going to say that no kid slips through, no but no this is not a problem.

Oh now Richard, Really. Did you give a presentation to the Board of Education last July that disclosed that about 150 kids were either removed from the schools or caught trying to sneak into out schools? Didn’t you report a few months ago that so for this year, the district removed or blocked another 100 kids? Wasn’t some of this in the Journal News?

How much busing is their to religious schools? Is this required by law in New York State?

Eastchester just had a vote on this, what was it, two weeks ago? They voted on extending the distance and voted it down. If a kid lives in New Rochelle and goes to Ursuline and they get a bus that its the same for everybody. Same with other schools?

What Richard? What does this mean? English please! Can you answer in complete sentences? Who writes your material, William Faulkner?

I suppose if people are going to ask a question and then accept any noise coming out of Richard Organisciak’s mouth as answer then maybe they deserve to be lied to by the Schools Superintendent.

3 thoughts on “New Rochelle’s Favorite Spring Pastime: “Really, Richard?””

  1. And he is on the Sustainability Task Force
    If Jay Leno had Richard O he would have still been on prime time. Can someone GPS this guy toward Deer Park. He is someone we cannot afford. My neighbor, a nurse, got the axe and Richard remains. Ah, truly this is La Vida Loca.

    warren gross

  2. Send in the clowns
    Love the Faulkner remark! Utter and unbelievable brilliance from the man at the helm. Let’s see how the library “leaders” peddle their phony pony later tonight.

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