New Rochelle High School JV Cheerleading Ranked 2nd in the Nation

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

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The New Rochelle High School Junior Varsity cheerleading team won second place in the national cheerleading competition, which aired on ESPN last month.

Coaches Elaina Edwards and Dilmer Bonifacio sent the following press release and photos:

New Rochelle JV cheerleading National Team members 2009-2010:

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Amani DeChalus,Gianna Parente, Samantha Salvatore, Rachelle Thompson, Robin Berk, Amanda Bruzzese, Hannah Kang, Dillon Lyles, Mwai Carolina,Eric Ortiz (alternate from varsity), Joshua Troche, Haley Barone (alternate from varsity), Carole Griffin (alternate from varsity), Brittany Smith, Tania Garcia, Nicole Basso, Narissa Black, Lauren Miceli, Ashely Codrington, Yaritza Rodriguez, Sydney Walsh, Gabriella Benesh, Tylena Venable, Victoria Hubbard, Janay Key, Rachel Esquivel

Ranked second in the nation in the NHSCC JV Co-ed Divison

This New Rochelle High School cheerleading program is an awesome program to be a part of. It is an honor to work in a program like this one. The kids believed that they can achieve anything. They teach,laugh, cry, cheer,and encourage one another regardless of the circumstances. They are like a big family. They strive for excellence and would not ever settle for less.

As New Rochelle cheerleading coaches, we are so proud of our three teams for the hard work they bring.

New Rochelle Junior High ranked 7th in the nation, New Rochelle JV ranked 2nd in the nation, New Rochelle Varsity ranked 13th in the nation.