The City Council will meet Tuesday, J…

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  The City Council will meet Tuesday, June 8 at 3:45 p.m.     The agenda for the meeting can be found here:
      Highlights  3:45 p.m. Commissioner of Finance, Howard Rattner will give a budget reviewew for 2010    Citizens to be heard at 7:30 and Public Hearings:
1. Presentation to Holy Name School 8th Grade Girls CYO Basketball team. 
2. Public Hearing on zoning changes
3. Budget Amendments CDBG and Home 2010 Action Plan
 Reminder: Cappelli’s renewal for LeCount Square must be approved by City Council this month.
The public is permitted to address the City Council after the meeting during the “Citizens to be Heard” portion of the meeting. Anyone wishing to address the Council for the allotted 3 minutes should sign up on the list at the front of the room
Access the agenda below:
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