A Tale of American Tyranny

Written By: Deprecated User

We are writing the tale of American tyranny each day that we remain silent!
The simple laws of economics show us that when our economy shrinks, people do not spend money at the same rate as when economic growth occurs.As a result of this lack of spending cities and states take in less revenue from sales taxes. In an attempt to offset this, local governments pass the bill on to the local taxpayers. So, ultimately the Taxslaves are the ones who are forced to make up the gap in the revenue deficit.
Government does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. We never hear government elected or appointed officials say “let’s cut the budget and spend less money.” Why? Is it really that difficult to balance a budget? If taxpayers suggest that they cut services we are told “No, services are needed to preserve our communities”. Really? Are their high salaries, benefits and pensions necessary as well? Ask the public service unions if their “mandated” raises are necessary in times of economic hardship as well.
Taxpayers, you are the ones forced to foot the bill for the political parasites who have found a way to milk the system. Taxes are constantly increasing, tax hikes are common, and tax cuts are uncommon. We must end this sooner than later due to the fact that our soft tyranny is hardening every day.
The American Taxslaves must take matters into their own hands. Do your part and speak out! We are writing the tale of American tyranny each day that we remain silent!