Westchester County Public Hearing on Double Dipping County Employees this Monday in Whilte Plains

Written By: Peggy Godfrey

3F53E03F-9893-4116-BD5A-33B82171E160.jpgThe Westchester County Board of Legislators will hold a public hearing on a bill to allow county employees to join in the New York State Early Retirement Incentive Program on Monday June 14th otherwise known as the “Double Dipping” Program.

The intent of this bill to allow retiring county employees to double dip (i.e., to get the benefits of both the county voluntary separation plan and the New York State early retirement plan). With the State of New York teetering on the brink of insolvency, it sounds like the County Board of Legislators has come up with a great way to push New York over the edge and into the abyss.

Taxpayer groups and good government advocates will want to be on hand to watch as the pigs line up at the trough.

148 Martine Avenue (Court Street entrance)
8th Floor
White Plains

8:30 AM (Monday June 14) to sign up to speak at this public hearing.

3 thoughts on “Westchester County Public Hearing on Double Dipping County Employees this Monday in Whilte Plains”

  1. NOT TRUE!
    In contrast to this nasty opinion article, the NYS Early Retirement Incentive IS NOT otherwise known as the “Double Dipping” Program !!!!

    Just because the Astorino administration is inexperienced, does not research anything thoroughly, and likes to shoot first, does not mean what they say is true
    Same for the Board of Legislators.
    Could it be that both Astorino and Jenkins should stop this “mine is bigger than yours” jealousy and actually work in a meaningful way to serve the taxpayers and the real workers who keep Westchester County functioning day in day out ???

    If anyone had bothered to read the NYS Legislation they would have seen that it specifically prevents participation in the NYS incentive IF a local govt incentive plan is used.


    Your gross and totally inappropriate comment Peggy is without basis and unfounded.
    So take down the picture lest people think it is of you.


    1. Tell us why
      Why is there going to be a public hearing on this? There’s a lot of comment from both sides of the aisle regarding the potential for “double dipping”. If what you say is true (and I hope you’re right, what end does it serve Jenkins and Astorino to continue discussion about it? What say you?

  2. Awful photo
    I think this fat cake lady ate the tag sale lady!! Yikes. This is just an awful photo!

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