Lack of Code Enforcement by New Rochelle Turns Home Depot into Illegal Truck Stop & Limo Holding Pen

Written By: Robert Cox

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As Mayor Bramson last night presented to the City Council, a “sustainability” plan encompassing his vision for new laws and building codes designed to lower vehicle emissions in New Rochelle, a fleet of 18-wheelers, flat-bed trucks, vans and ultra-large limousines took up their usual position in the Home Depot parking lot. Vehicles sat, idling throughout the night, spewing their black diesel exhaust into the air, rattling the doors and windows of nearby homes as the Mayor explained the importance of acquiring expensive hybrid garbage trucks to reduce carbon emissions to council members.

Many South End residents have wondered why the Mayor is pushing a 20 year “green” vision for New Rochelle while ignoring the environmental damage done by the hundreds of trucks, vans and limos that take up temporary residence each month in the Home Depot lot. Many of these large vehicles enter the lot from the entrance on Weyman Avenue near the YMCA, on the border of a residential area, something the Home Depot had promised would not be allowed when the project went before the City Council more than ten years ago.

The Home Depot lot is just a few blocks down the street from a “No Idling” banner hung by parents in front of the Jefferson School to celebrate the passing of a law which prohibits idling an engine for more than a few minutes. The trucks in the Home Depot lot often run their engines all night long.

9 thoughts on “Lack of Code Enforcement by New Rochelle Turns Home Depot into Illegal Truck Stop & Limo Holding Pen”

  1. or
    or what Mexican restaurant to eat at. i always see them at the one on union between Charles and walnut. i guess its ok for them to park illegal all over the the street.

    rat cops!!!

    1. You seem me, hi hater! and
      You seem me, hi hater! and FYI The restaurant across from Union and Charles has awesome food.

  2. The City does have an idling law
    The City of New Rochelle passed a five minute idling law when the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club asked for a three minute law. Former Mayor Idoni sponsored the resolution. We really need enforcement of this law.

  3. Idling Laws
    Idling laws are common. There are even idling laws specifically in New Rochelle, as listed here on this website:

    See page 6. According to this website, in the code of the city of New Rochelle, it is in Part II, Ch. 312, Art. II s312-33. It even allows for idling in parked cars for more than 2 hours if the temperature is below 25 degrees farenheit or if you are recharging your electric car battery.

    It is just ironic that there are common sense “anti-green” things going on now that could be corrected without a behemoth plan, with laws already on the books.

    It reminds me of the “No Parking” signs at Trinity with the threat of towing. Cars park there overnight, every night. There is no towing. No enforcement. Staff park in the “No Parking” fire zone every day. No enforcement. Why is that?

  4. Uh, to all you “know it
    Uh, to all you “know it alls”, the police cannot enforce these city code violations on private property. It is the responsibility of the building department. As a matter of fact, the only violations that can be enforced by the PD are handicap spaces and fire lanes and possibly some VTL violations. Your welcome! (for the education)

  5. I am sure the police have
    I am sure the police have much more important things to worry about than limos waiting in the Home Depot lot (a to pick up their customers

    1. More Important Things
      Yes more important things like how to maximize overtime in order to pad their overly generous and undeserved pensions. Or perhaps which N.R. Dunkin Donuts location has best donuts and coffee. Who to pick in the fantasy football draft for the 2010/11 season.

      1. JusticeforAll? We are in
        JusticeforAll? We are in baseball season thank you…and my 5 fantasy teams are doing just fine…thanks for asking!
        You know, you should change your name to JealousyforAll or StupidEnoughforAll.

      2. Truth
        I am thinking the appropriate screen name for you would be “The truth hurts me”. 5 fantasy baseball teams, no wonder why there is a burglary wave in the north end. Good luck on the rest of the season!

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