Varian Campaign Plans Get-out-the-Vote Effort This Weekend

Written By: Robert Cox

Greg Varian.jpgGreg Varian sent out a campaign email today:

This weekend will be a massive lit drop to Democratic voters in the whole district. Volunteers will be asked to go in pairs to a neighborhood and leave a piece of campaign literature at the door of each targeted voter.

We’ll start Saturday at 10:30 from my house at 35 Sidney Street. Sunday we’ll begin again at 10:30 to mop up whatever we didn’t finish on Saturday. If you can spare 2 hours or more anytime between 10:30 and 6pm on those two days, we could use your help.

Monday evening we’ll be making campaign phone calls from several designated locations around the district, 5:30 to 8pm, reminding people to vote.

Tuesday — Election Day — we’ll be making calls again starting at 3pm to get people out to the polls (which stay open, as usual, until 9pm).

Please reply to this email with your availability for our get out the vote efforts: Saturday lit drop; Sunday lit drop; Monday phones; Tuesday phones.

And after that’s taken care of, I’ll let you know where our party will be Tuesday night!

If you wish to help go here. If you want to know why all those people are tromping through your neighborhood this weekend, now you know.

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  1. Don’t break the law!
    Sec 508.3.0 of the Postal Regulations prohibit distribution of flyers to mailboxes without postage. Call Greg and tell him you don’t wan’t to destroy a tree just to distribute propaganda.

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