BREAKING NEWS: Capelli and EPT Settle All Claims

Written By: Robert Cox

Louis Capelli.jpgEntertainment Properties Trust just released the following statement (below) which, as it bears on New Rochelle, says that Capelli and EPT did a swap where Capelli gets City Center in White Plains and EPT gets New Roc City and every one agrees to make nice with everyone else.

Missing is the retraction Capelli had demanded last week but all in all this is good news and good news for New Rochelle as it clears the area both over a key parcel in the City and frees up Capelli to focus on other things like finding retail tenants for Trump Tower.


Kansas City, MO. June 18, 2010 — Entertainment Properties Trust (NYSE:EPR) and Louis R. Cappelli today announced that they have closed a series of transactions that significantly restructure EPR’s investments with Mr. Cappelli and settles all outstanding claims between the parties.

In general, the material terms of the restructuring include:

Mr. Cappelli’s affiliate, Concord Resort LLC, transferred the Concord Resort property (pending the payoff of EPR’s $56.25 million dollar loan with a bank), consisting of approximately 1,500 acres adjacent to the Concord Casino property which a Cappelli affiliate owns or controls, in exchange for the release from its obligations under a Promissory Note, dated August 20, 2008, in the original principal amount of $225.0 million payable to EPR, as amended, with an outstanding balance of $133.1 million. Additionally, EPR granted an option to an affiliate of Concord Resort LLC to re-acquire the property for a two-year period at a purchase price of $143.0 million, plus accrued interest going forward.

EPR assigned to Mr. Cappelli’s affiliate, KBC Concord LLC, three additional Cappelli promissory notes with aggregate principal amounts of $30.0 million in exchange for an agreement by KBC to pay EPR up to $15.0 million from 50% of the available cash distributed to KBC from its minority interest in the Concord Casino project. EPR previously recorded a loan loss reserve of $28.0 million for the above-described promissory notes.

EPR provided a binding commitment to The Union Labor Life Insurance Company to acquire a $30.0 million participation from The Union Labor Life Insurance Company in the first mortgage construction loan for the Concord Casino project, under the proposed Amended and Restated Master Credit Agreement, subject to certain closing conditions, including, but not limited to, a requirement that a major gaming company contribute not less than $100.0 million of equity into the project prior to any disbursements under the loan. EPR’s commitment expires on December 31, 2010.

Mr. Cappelli’s affiliate, LC New Roc LP, exchanged all of its interest in the entertainment retail center in New Rochelle, New York, for all of EPR’s debt and equity interests in the entertainment retail center in White Plains, New York.

EPR paid cash and assumed liabilities totaling $3.7 million for the interests acquired, the acquisition of certain equipment and the payment of certain property obligations.

EPR and Mr. Cappelli, together with their affiliates, mutually released and settled all claims, obligations and liabilities, including all pending litigation.

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