Those in the political “ruling” class have become architects of deceit.

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Those in the political “ruling” class have become architects of deceit. We have become Taxslaves! It is time to get off the couch and rebel against the tax terrorists.

Social programs waste taxpayer dollars. The earned income of the working class has become the fuel for laziness and dependence. Government handouts are only meant to bridge the gap for a small percentage of legal Americans that are have been hit by hard times. Public assistance is only meant to assist them until they get back on their feet. The purpose is to bridge the gaps, not to encourage a lifestyle of dependence.
The system has been abused by too many people over long periods of time. It breaks my heart to watch so many people become enslaved by Big Government.
This is a waste of potential as much as it is a waste of our tax dollars.

Welfare has done more damage to the people of our country than any external threat has ever done.

Americans should never take assistance from the government unless it means the difference between life and death. If you depend on government for your needs I suggest that you get off the assistance as fast as you can. It is our duty as Americans and as free men to reject that kind of dependent, unacceptable lifestyle.

Free men should never rely on their government to provide for them. When this happens we cease to be free, we become subjects to a ruling class. We must make sure that we live with in our means as individuals and as a nation. I refuse to be enslaved to any system of government, especially my own.

A life lived in debt is equal to enslavement- so get rid of it! Refuse to live in debt to anyone. Government will not tell you to get rid of your debt at all costs, even though it is critical that you do because it will eventually force you to obey your provider.

Even if our entire economic system crashes- which I believe is inevitable- we will be responsible for rebuilding it, not our government.

We have a duty to protect the freedom that was passed on to us by our founders. It even came with an owner’s manual- the Constitution. If you are ready cash in your freedom at the first sign of a challenge then you do not deserve to call yourself an American. When our time in history passes, we will either be standing proud or kneeling down in shame. The choice is yours to make. Live your life free from tax oppression and dependence on a ruling class.

I choose to live like a free man-this is the reason why I fight. Do not just understand the need for independence, live it! A free existence is the only meaningful one. Dependence is a miserable, meaningless existence.

We can take the stress and the economic burden off of ourselves if we remove the government waste and the government dependents from the voting booths.
The best and quickest way to fix our Republic is to implement a single rule- If you do not pay taxes, you should not be able to vote! The ability to vote should always be there for each of us, but we must earn the ability to add our “two cents” when it comes to elections. We can only force accountability in government by preventing people who do not earn tax dollars from having a say in how the tax dollars are spent.

We need to lower our taxes and force people to provide for themselves. We can not look to government to provide for us anything other than we openly delegate it to provide. Since economic destitution and struggle is imposed on us by government spending it is up to us as taxpayers to remove the problem. We can achieve this by voting for men and women who seek to be true public servants.

Taxpaying American citizens must encourage people to run for office that have the heart and courage to cut budgets, reduce the size of government and minimize state and federal handouts to people who are capable of going out and earning a living on their own. People who have hit rock bottom must be forced to pick themselves up. This must not be the role of government. It is not in our nature as Americans to give up control of our lives to a government. It is in our nature to endure and survive. We must allow room for failure. As a result we can only improve our society.

Successful communities will leave no room for full time dependence on government. Force people to find a way to achieve a standard of living on their own-not at the expense of others who have their own families and individual needs to tend to. Reliance on government for employment, “free” money, food, housing and education is unacceptable.