Cynthia Lobo Sworn in as President of New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce

Written By: Robert Cox

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Cynthia Lobo was sworn in on June 24th as the new President of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce. Lobo has pledged to work to revitalize the Chamber of Commerce which has struggled as of late. The Chamber web site is woefully out of date, the Chamber’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade was cancelled last November and the organization had to close its storefront location on Main Street and terminate its Executive Director due to a lack of funds.

Pictured above at the ceremony at Five Islands Park is Deborah Mustich, Rosemary McLaughlin, William Cooper Colwell, Louis Dimeglio, President Cynthia W. Lobo, Esq., Judge Anthony Carbone, Vincent Fasano, Edward Loprette, Rita Mabli, and Jeffrey Kraus.

Lobo, a lawyer with offices in New Rochelle, is the Republican nominee for City Judge. She will be on the ballot facing off against Susan Kettner, the Democratic nominee.

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(l. to r.) Deborah Mustich, Rosemary McLaughlin, William Cooper Colwell, Louis Dimeglio, President Cynthia W. Lobo, Esq.,Vincent Fasano, Rita Mabli, Jeffrey Kraus, Edward Loprette.

Chamber of Commerce invitation here.

6 thoughts on “Cynthia Lobo Sworn in as President of New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce”

  1. the basic difference
    who is more politically connected, which organization is receiving more city funds to distribute to friends, family and shell corporations or businesses that hire ex-council mens relatives. That is the only difference. The level of corruption, influence and the better vehicle for kick-backs. hope this helps.

  2. Why no official representation?
    I find it interesting that there was no official city representation at the swearing in ceremony. No mayor, city manager or deputy mayor. Could it be that Ms. Lobo was deliberately shunned because she turned away from her party who stipulated she take an oath not to primary the democrats chosen candidate or challenge on another political line? Ms. Lobo was clearly the most qualified candidate in the democrat’s field but it was Susan Kettner’s turn for a grab at the golden ring. I applaud Ms. Lobo’s resolve to follow the democratic process which this country was founded on to pursue her dream of becoming the first Female Hispanic judge in New Rochelle. Compare resumes and I think you will agree that Ms. Lobo is best suited for the judgeship.

  3. Chamber of Horrors
    Last one out, shut the lights off. Oh wait –
    we don’t have an office any more.

    1. Chamber
      Sorry to disappoint namenda but the Chamber of Commerce of New Rochelle is going strong; the power is on and the lights are bright. The office address is 459 Main Street, Suite 204.

      1. Thanks for correcting this
        The Chamber of Commerce is a very important part of any community. It can play a vital role in attracting and retaining businesses.

        I think for many the cancellation of the Thanksgiving parade last year was a bitter pill to swallow. I am hearing good news about the 2010 parade. A new President has been sworn in. All of New Rochelle will benefit if the CoC can bounce back from what has been a rough patch.

      2. Can you clarify?
        What is the difference between BID and Sono and the Chamber of Commerce? Thanks in advance –

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