The New Rochelle Trolley Rides Again, Every Hour Until 3 PM Saturday

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The trolley rides again!

This Saturday from 10am to 3pm, the historic trolley ride will be given. Rides will originate in front of the Habitat for Humanity offices and Re-Store location at 524 Main Street each hour on the hour.

“This is a great fun way to celebrate history and homes in New Rochelle”, stated Jim Killoran, Habitat’s Executive Director and the man behind brining the trolley to New Rochelle. “These tours celebrate independence in New Rochelle and our country”.

“We are glad to talk about the Revolution and Armory, Norman Rockwell and Mighty Mouse, Eddie Foiy, Ossie Davis and more. The history is endless here in New Rochelle.” stated Killoran.

Habitat for Humanity of Westchester is encouraging fun public transportation with real affordable housing in down towns across Westchester. With fewer cars, more affordable homes and fun transportation like trolleys, communities can be healthier with a sense of pride and history and home.

For more info contact Jim Killoran 914-403-4821

One thought on “The New Rochelle Trolley Rides Again, Every Hour Until 3 PM Saturday”

  1. Photos from today’s tour
    Thanks for a fun tour of New Rochelle. I especially liked the mention of the British troops marching down Quaker Ridge Road on their way to White Plains. Also, the mention of a battle before the Battle of White Plains at the Stop & Shop on Palmer. I didn’t know that “Stephenson” was a person that figured out how to drain “Crystal Lake” that used to be near today’s Stephensons Boulevard. That was a big relief back then because people were dying from diseases carried by mosquitos in the lake.

    We also liked when he called New Rochelle the “City of ‘Common Sense'”, for Thomas Paine, of course.

    During the talk, Jim Killoran mentioned a plaque installed by the Daughters of the American Revolution for the Post Riders. Later I snapped this photo of the plaque, which is right outside HSBC Bank. It is really a mess.

    Here are some photos from around town today:

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