Pigeons, Post Riders and Neglected Local History

Written By: NewRochelle101

On the holiday weekend there was a fun and free New Rochelle trolley tour about local history. During the tour, tour guide and Habitat for Humanity director Jim Killoran mentioned the Post Rider plaque installed in downtown New Rochelle outside of the HSBC Bank.

The Post Riders delivered messages from the armies in the Revolutionary War. The NY Post ran an article about the Post Road and the Riders on July 4th, linked here: The Road that Paved the Way to Revolution I went to look at the plaque and it was covered in pigeon waste, really awful, almost impossible to read.

It is installed almost horizontally under a tall pylon for the bank. See the photo below. The plaque is installed in the area marked with a green square.

The plaque needs to be power washed and pigeon deterrent wiring needs to be installed at the top of the pylon. See the photos here.

Otherwise, maybe the plaque can be moved and installed on a wall somewhere.

I went back again to really try to read it. This is what it says —

The Post Rider — Dedicated to the memory of those intrepid spirits whose labors promoted settlement and diffused knowledge throughout the land. Erected by the New Rochelle Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution 1929

There is also references to the Post Riders in a mural in the Post Office across the street.

It says — “The Post Rider brings news of the Battle of Lexington”

Jim Killoran also mentioned horse grave stones throughout Ward Acres. It all kind of fits together.

I took a picture of the other murals in the Post Office which you can view here.

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  1. Where is HSBC Branch Manager?

    Looking at the structure and that the plaque was moved to be a part of the base for their sign, this looks like it is an HSBC issue, or at least an issue for the building owner. Paul Vacca of the buildings department did a good job of leaning on Home Depot to address the parking lot issue so perhaps he can get some results for this plaque.

    There must have been some agreement when that building was developed as to who was responsible for that plaque and my guess is that it is the owner of 260 North Avenue and/or the tenant.

    I would suggest contacting the New Rochelle buildings department, check the Property Portal on the City web site, the branch manager of HSBC and the owner of the property to determine who is responsible for both protecting the plaque (installing anti-pigeon spikes on top of the sign) and maintaining it (it needs to be scrubbed down or power-washed).

    I found this info on the Chamber of Commerce web site:

    HSBC – 240
    240 North Avenue
    New Rochelle, NY 10801

    Phone: 914.654.2457
    Fax: 914.654.2420
    View company details


    HSBC Bank
    260 North Ave
    New Rochelle, NY 10801

    Phone: 914.654.2431
    Fax: 914.654.2420

    Email: AnuRadha.Nagpal@us.HSBC.com
    View company details

    1. Pigeon / Plaque update
      I spoke to the branch manager and she is having her maintenance crew work on the situation. I passed by the plaque last night and it looks like someone (blog reader?) partially cleaned the sign. Thanks all!

    2. Pigeon / Plaque update 2
      I spoke to the HSBC branch manager and she put her maintenance crew on the problem. I passed by the plaque on Tuesday night and it has been nicely powerwashed. Thanks HSBC!

  2. Speaking of the Post Rider…
    You may want to check out Eric Jaffe’s new book called, “The King’s Best Highway” if you haven’t already.


    I’m only about 50 pages in, but it is a compelling read so far. It seems that he talked at the library not too long ago.

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