Further Developments in : Channel 12 News Reports on Heroin Addiction; Channel 2 News Crew at New Rochelle Marina

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Paula izurieta.jpgChannel 2 News is in New Rochelle following up on the story first reported on Talk of the Sound yesterday that Paula Izurieta, a woman arrested in Rockland County on Monday for burglarizing the home of a friend killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday is the same woman who reported Mount Vernon fireman James Drago missing in the water off Larchmont after Drago took his boat out of the New Rochelle Marina on June 26th.

Channel 2 News was interviewing people at the New Rochelle marina.

Not reported as far as we know but word is that on the morning Drago took his boat out of the New Rochelle marina there was some sort of altercation at the gas station at the marina. We are looking into that.

Channel 12 News was all over the story yesterday, reporting that Yonkers police were called to Izurieta’s former residence at 17 Smart Street 33 times over the past year. Channel 12 News interviewed one man said when he moved to the area he was warned by neighbors to steer clear of Izurieta who, he said, was a known junkie with an addition to heroin and cocaine.

Izurieta was never named by the police as a witness in the Drago case. Members of the Mount Vernon Fire Department recognized Izurieta from her mugshot in the Journal News and contacted Talk of the Sound’s EyeonNewRoc.

This is become a very hot story. Stay tuned for further developments.