Finally! 6 Days After MOU Expires, First Window Coverings Installed

Written By: Robert Cox

image971313852.jpgSix days after the expiration of the LeCount MOU on midnight of July 31st — hours after New Rochelle Council member Albert Tarantino declared the MOU to be dead on WVOX with Bob Marrone — Capelli employees began installing the first of a series on exterior window coverings on the Anderson Street side of 5 Anderson. They began work around 10 AM and left for lunch at about 12:30 PM.

UPDATE: I went back about 3:30 PM. They had come back and worked for about an hour or so. They did not do any additional work on the Anderson. They got a border along the windows on North and a few more panels. Below is a slideshow of the photos I took in the morning (you can see they are working) and later (after they had gone).

3 thoughts on “Finally! 6 Days After MOU Expires, First Window Coverings Installed”

  1. Well there is a sight for
    Well there is a sight for sore eyes if ever I saw one.

    Now, if we could only get someone to plaster other such clip art like chintzy images over other storefront sections of New Rochelle we would be someplace.

    Roberta the Postperson

    1. The building still looks
      The building still looks empty, this is not that much of an improvement.

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