Only in New Rochelle

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Once again the people who plan the repaving of streets in this city don’t think! Why would this city allow north avenue from main st. to Pelham rd. to be closed on a Friday afternoon and even worst Huguenot St from north to memorial highway. All of the other work the milling and other things were done at night as reported on this site. No wonder people don’t visit downtown,there always stuck in traffic jams due to the people who are running this city. Wake up city hall due your jobs or the people of this great city will vote you out!!!

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  1. Paving

    Oh, well you know, the night work was just splendid, but come on a little lane closure during the day so we can have a brand new place to rollerblade and drive our cars isn’t all bad. It was all open up by the evening rush by about 1:30pm. No big deal here. The Dpw people deserve a little more credit.

    I can’t wait for them to add the little lines. Now that will be a hoot.

    Roberta the Postperson

    1. Talk of the neighbors
      Well, my friend Ernie, lives over near the deli on North next to the Mormon place of worship. He went out of town before the men paved the road. He said, “oh, it was marvelous. When I left the place looked like Baghdad! Now, it looks like heaven.”

      Thank you New Rochelle!

      Unrelated, did you happen to notice that they removed the pay stations from the lot on Leroy Place? They’re already installing new ones.

      Roberta the Postperson

      1. Thank you Con Ed
        There appears to confusion as to who paid for the work on North Avunue last week.

        Con Ed ripped up the road. They were then required to fix it. They hired a contractor from Mount Vernon.

        The City of New Rochelle did not pay and those were not tax dollars but utility fee dollars at work.

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