Interesting Letter in the Mail Today

Written By: Deprecated User

Today in the mail we received a very unique item. The envelope was handwritten, just to our address, no name. There was no return address.

We opened it up. It was a tri-fold brochure-type item, except that it is all handwritten, in tiny, tiny little letters. You can see that it is handwritten (and not even photocopied), because if you hold it up to the light you can see white-out in several places.

It is such an interesting piece, that I wanted to share it. On the front of the tri-fold is a Bible quote (Matthew 25:40) and a bit of artwork. It says “Inas much as ye have done it unto … The least of these my brethern ye have done it unto me”.

After the front of the tri-fold, there are five additional sections, in the same meticulous, tiny writing.

Has anyone else received this type of letter?