AOL Statement: Regarding the mug shot issue with New Rochelle Patch

Written By: Robert Cox

I received the following email from Brian Farnham, Editor-in-Chief, He called. I have accepted his version of events and his apology and consider the matter now closed.

Hi Robert,

It has come to my attention that the editor of New Rochelle Patch, Allison Esposito, misled us when questioned about the use of the mugshot photos in her story of Sept 24 regarding the stabbing death on North Avenue:

The image she posted was, in fact, a download of the composite image you made from the police mug shots. I sincerely apologize for this unattributed and unauthorized use of your image. We have extremely high standards of journalism here at Patch, and Allison did not live up to them. Her behavior was unacceptable and we are taking immediate disciplinary action. The image has already been removed from our story.

I am cc’ing Bill Densmore on this email, since we sent him our official response to your original charges. I need to point out that when this issue first arose, we conducted an internal investigation in good faith and were satisfied with the answers we got. The Regional Editor who wrote the response, Katie O’Connor, should not be blamed for the misinformation she received.

In every community where we launch a Patch, we make it a point to be a positive part of the ecosystem of media that exists there, and we not only abide by a sense of fair play but wholeheartedly welcome collaboration with other outlets. So it is especially distressing to me that the New Rochelle Patch has gotten off on this wrong foot. Please accept my personal apologies. I hope we can find ways for our sites to work together in the future.


Brian Farnham

584 Broadway, Suite 808
New York, NY 10012

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