Amidst Falling Support, Mayor Sends Out Self Serving E-mail

Written By: John D'Alois

Watching the possible collapse of Democratic control of the city unfold before his eyes, Mayor Bramson recently sent out an e-mail blast with a misguided message followed by a plea to help himself rather than his fellow candidate.

In the message itself he goes on saying, “a bright and energetic attorney with extensive roots in New Rochelle and a real passion for public service.”. If that is the criteria, then all you have to do is change “attorney” to “businessman” and you would really be talking about someone who lives up to these qualities – Peter Parente. Mr. Rice has no roots in District 3 (well, maybe a few weeks worth). The Mayor also claims “Jared grasps the challenges confronting the diverse neighborhoods of the Third District…”. That is in stark contrast to the long time residents of District 3 who have come out to say “how is he supposed to represent district 3…(he)doesn’t have any idea of what the issues are…” and in challenging the wisdom of his nomination state “it’s a disgrace”… “we need someone in the community that has hands on… that knows about District 3”. Who are you going to believe, long time residents of a district to long underserved or the self preservation tactics of the party responsible for the conditions in District 3?

The last line of this diatribe points clearly to who this is all about when the Mayor states “It is very important to me that he prevail in this contest.” (underlined for clarity). Anyone notice the words District 3 in that sentence? Didn’t think so.