Cheap Tricks and Poor Judgment – Oh Wait, it’s the Local Democratic Party at Work

Written By: John D'Alois

By now we’ve seen our share of flyers and mailings from the politicians. Some have been informative or creative in some way or another. The latest one I’ve seen has got to be the most hilarious, childish one so far. I guess the Dems have gotten so desperate about their state of affairs, that rather than face up to the long list of their failed economic policies, inability to generate revenue for the city (other than raise taxes), or even halt the decline of the quality of life issues, they’ve taken to trying to make obscure connections between local and state candidates. This is typical of Democrats to redirect the focus rather than answer questions.

The latest joke is how the District 3 candidates are somehow supposed to have some connection with the Cuomo/Palladino race. Is there anyone, I mean ANYONE who has ever met Mr. Parente, that could even remotely draw any similarity to Carl Palladino? I rest my case. Mr. Rice and Mr. Cuomo? Even funnier. Look back into Mr. Cuomo’s part in the financial meltdown stemming from his days at FannieMae and his work in the HFA? So, is Mr Rice responsible for a financial meltdown, or is he a long standing politician resting on the laurels of his father?

The whole thing is so silly, I’m surprised they couldn’t find a way to fit in the phrase “poopy head”. Who approved this nonsense, and who got county clerk Idoni to go along with passing it out? C’mon you nitwits, the people of New Rochelle are smarter then that. It’s not about the governors race, it’s about District 3 and it’s residents. About the District that city Hall has forgotten about. The District where people have the same issues year after Democratic party rule year. If you can’t campaign on the merits of your candidate, then maybe you’re guy just isn’t the right person for District 3.

Send you own message to city hall and vote Peter Parente on November 2nd.

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    The People of New Rochelle have spoken…don’t be a salty loser. Understand Parente lacked community support, as did lobo !

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