Pair Involved in New Rochelle Machete Murder Took Twisted Path to 309 North Avenue

Written By: Robert Cox

The Journal News has an excellent article on the two individuals involved in the New Rochelle Machete Murder at 309 North Avenue this past weekend.

Akeem Lindsay, 30, the man arrested by New Rochelle police, had a long history of drug abuse and criminal behavior. Lisa Stabler, 29, the victim had an even stranger background.

Machete killing reveals violent history of suspect, troubled past of victim

Lindsay had been arrested several times by New Rochelle police before the alleged murder.

State records show that Lindsay was released from Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining in 2004, after serving two years for second-degree assault and second-degree attempted robbery, both felonies. He was arrested in 2001 for his involvement in a string of armed robberies around New Rochelle, where he and two others targeted people late at night with a BB gun that looked like a pistol.

For Stabler, her violent death was the end of a difficult life.

Stabler was adopted. Her adoptive parents mistreated her. Her mother helped bury the body of the father after a man the mother met on the Internet killed the father in front of their home when Lisa Stabler was 16.

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