Al’s Pals 1st Touch Soccer Club spring registration is on !!!

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

Dear parents,
if you are looking this spring for healthy sport physical and emotional enviroment for your child, keep reading.
Al’s Pals 1st Touch Soccer Club offers
clinics for boys and girls ages from 3 up to 10 in our local community. We have developmental program for younger children (3-6 years old) and Town League for older kids ages (7-10 years old).
Spring program lasts 8 weeks. The duration of the clinicis is 60 (3-4 years old) or 75 minutes (for older ones). The fee is $125, for returning players there is discount of $15 as well as $10 off for all registrants register before March, 10th.
Our program emphases fun and the age appropriate soccer lessons. The concept is really simple – help our children to reach the maximum of their potential by creating friendly positive environment, where everyone feels important and welcomed. We want to encourage the schoolyard spirit and sandlot magic of what the game used to stand for. We strongly believe that kids should have the opportunity to freely express themselves on the soccer field. We should hear their voices and transfer the “power of play” back to them. We have been here to “shake” the culture of sports as it exits today. Our mission is to bring back the joy from game and eliminate signs of insecurity or fear. We are family oriented program.
Al’s Pals 1st Touch Soccer Club creates an exceptional sports environment that will develop and nurture a love of game, so boys and girls can reach their real potential. Al’s Pals 1st Touch Soccer Club kids develop values and habits from our playing fields that will last a lifetime. This is essential simply because the adults, who enjoy sports and fitness, were exposed to healthy sports experiences, when they were young. Al’s Pals Soccer Club coaches are committed to the complete development of the young players. Our way of teaching technical aspect of soccer allows kids to gain confidence, develop appropriate winning attitudes, and learn about the importance of team chemistry and leadership. Our coaches bring passion, discipline and naturally become a role model to your son or daughter.
Al’s Pals 1st Touch Soccer Club creates an environment where parents see not apprehension, but, enthusiasm in their kids’ performance. Young boys and girls, sensing this approach, are relaxed and they increase their own enjoyment and performance.
Our soccer club is designed for EVERY child that desires a positive and healthy sports experience. We do not ignore the most important aspect of the child athletes – their social and emotional needs. We are positive that emotional, not mechanical development is what is most important during the childhood years.
Kids don’t become great athletes by being pushed to play at elite levels. Nor do they gain extraordinary talent through excessive skill training. Kids develop because they have fun in what they do. Our job is to allow them to play in a setting where they can safely grow at their own pace. Al’s Pals 1st Touch Soccer Club is such a place.
Spring season starts in April, please check the schedule on our website. It consists of 8 weekend clinics, filled with the games, targeting basic individual skills.

Register at
e-mail at [email protected]
or call coach Martin at 914-380-6307.