“Ninjas” Attack Taxi Driver in Downtown New Rochelle, Throwing Rocks and Taunting Him

Written By: Robert Cox

NinjasLast night at about 7:00 p.m. four youths wearing dark clothing and Ninja masks and hoods threw rocks at a passing Bluebird taxi on North Avenue between Huguenot Street and North Avenue. After the vehicle was struck, the taxi driver stopped the vehicle in traffic on North Avenue near the Standard-Star Building, the youths continued to throw rocks. The driver got out of his vehicle, talking on his cell phone to the New Rochelle police, and looking at the youths dresses in Ninja costumes.

The youths taunted the taxi driver, challenging him and using vulgar language.

They shouted “Come on, what are you going to do?” and “Suck my dick”, according to witnesses.

The taxi driver then ran directly towards the four youths who ran towards the entrance of the library parking lot. The taxi driver ran after them, shouting to police on his cell phone. The taxi driver gave up the chase. By the time the police arrived the “ninjas” were no longer in the area.

No injuries were reported.

One thought on ““Ninjas” Attack Taxi Driver in Downtown New Rochelle, Throwing Rocks and Taunting Him”

  1. Police Dept needs GPS in there cars!
    How many times do we have to read of these attacks In New Rochelle, Is it any wonder why the police never catch the criminals. Maybe becaue there parked in Wykagyl CC, CVS, Or The Cosi lot, Or elsewhere.
    With a GPS system they will be forced to patrol the streets again.
    Car 54 where are you, No more!

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