Grand Jury Indicts Two Students for Attempted Armed Robbery at New Rochelle High School

Written By: Robert Cox

McCleod SimpsonA Grand Jury convened by the Westchester District Attorney in White Plains, NY has indicted two New Rochelle High School students for Attempted Armed Robbery – 2nd Degree. According to New Rochelle Police, the pair, Jermaine McCleod, 19, and Rashad Simpson,17 are alleged to have confronted a student in the hallways student at New Rochelle High School, indicated they had a weapon and demanded the students wallet. When the student refused and attempted to walk away, Simpson moved to block the way of the student, preventing him from leaving. The incident ended when a school district employee happened upon the scene.

The incident occurred on February 9th, just a day after McCleod had been caught stealing money from a cash register at the school cafeteria. McCleod and Simpson are well-known to police and prosecutors.

McCleod who resides at 110 Horton Avenue has been in the Westchester County Jail since his arrest. He has been placed in the juvenile detention center but will be transferred to the general population once his case his referred to Superior Court. Simpson resides at 550 5th Avenue has been out on bail but will face a new bail hearing.

According to the original New Rochelle Police arrest report:

The defendant(s) at the above date [February 9, 2011], time and place, did while aiding, abetting and acting in concert with one another, did attempt to forcibly steal property from VICTIM when at the above location they and other unidentified individuals gathered in close physical proximity to VICTIM nd while doing so defendant McCleod motioned as if he had a weapon in his pocket while demanding that VICTIM hand over his money while at the same time defendant Simpson stood in close proximity in an effort to prevent VICTIM from fleeing. VICTIM was able to flee when a security officer spotted them.

There is some question about the school district’s claim that a security officer intervened. Talk of the Sound has learned that it was actually a buildings and grounds employee who intervened. No report was made to New Rochelle Security until the following day, by a parent of the victim.

As is often the case, the school district security staff deleted video of the crime, failing to turn over evidence to prosecutors from the District Attorney’s office.

In his Grand Jury testimony, New Rochelle Security Director Bruce Daniele failed to properly identify the two suspects despite full knowledge of the pair. Daniele has also asserted that his assistant security director, Rolf Kohler intervened at the time of the incident on February 9, 2011 when it was actually Werner Graefe, the school locksmith.


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  1. arrests
    1) Mr. Koehler is not the assistant director, that honor goes to Robert Coyne in IEY, 16 years of 211 waiver fame
    2) NRPD was given video evidence, Wrong again
    3) It was a security guard who came up on the situation

    4) Ask the 4 house principles why so many students are still aloud in the building. Start there and let us know what you find

    1. Just for the record….It was
      Just for the record….It was NOT and I REPEAT NOT a security guard who came upon the situation, it was the school locksmith, so U are totally wrong.
      There were two videos, one clear and one not so clear, the law enforcement officials were given one that wasn’t so clear.
      I really hope that you are not defending the schools actions without knowing ALL of the facts!!
      Check your sources.
      I’am certain about mine.

    2. yeah right
      Koelher is Daniele’s assistant at the high school. Coyne is at IEYMS.

      NRPD and the DA were given video evidence except the high resolution video that clearly showed the crime. That was deleted. But nice try.

      It was NOT a security guard but that is what was claimed by Daniele and that is what is in the police report. He claimed it was Koehler but it was not. The video that clearly showed who it was has been deleted, according to Daniele.

      I do not think the house principals are NRHS are inclined to answer questions from me so why don’t you stop playing games and just spit out what you want people here to know about “why so many students are still aloud in the building”.

  2. [suspended]
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  3. I wish someone could tell me
    I wish someone could tell me why these 2 jrks were wandering around the school? I believe one of them went to night school, but I guess they do whatever they want! This is a wake up call for all of the school district taxpayers….the crime in the school goes up just as much as our taxes do!!
    Maybe they tie our increases to the crime rate in the high school !! Kudos to the boy who stood up and did the right thing!!! Without him those assholes would still be running around,trying to rob students and the cafeteria!!

  4. good job lowlifes
    mccleod and simpson….,,,great job fellas!!!people like you deserve to get beaten in the worst way!!YOU WILL GET YOURS!! giving the black people of new rochelle a bad name !!!you lowlifes just dont get it!!why do people stereotype???because of the way you acted out!!!you little fossyholes!!Is the animal on the left alright??he looks very strange!!kind of like an alien!!

  5. The 6-year Graduates Honor Socciety
    How does a 19 year old qualify as a student? I guess he is on the 6-year Graduates Honor Society. Let’s see how the Bramson Property Values Party spin this one. Mr. O, can you reveal the graduation rate for African Americans in the New Rochelle School District?

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