Arlene “Beanie” Rice

Written By: W Calvin Anderson

Arlene… was always a help to her family, a
competent person; an “old and sweet soul”if you will.
She, along with Durwood Hall in my reflection
were the first and real youth leaders
on Lawton Street in New Rochelle back-in-the-day
representing [our side] of city hall.

Beanie… was the “big sister” for her siblings and anyone else that
came near. She had a heart of gold
and a voice in music that could make
you fall in love at any age, especially if she
caught you in her smile.

There was no acclaim for Beanie alone in music,
as she was a force in a group of singing sisters:
Rosalyn Major,Deborah Henderson and Lance Rogers.

Today we celebrate
your loving and your life and friendships.

We celebrate your core competencies,
care-taking, courtesies, and give
Voice to our love for you
as a natural leader,
big sister,
friend and
example in our youth
to the benefit of
“good old”
and priceless native,
New Rochelle.