Paul Supports Jose Martinez!! Apoyo Para Jose Martinez!!!

Written By: Paul Supports Jose Martinez.

i see a lot on this site in regard to Jose Martinez. i have been a personal, close family friend of Jose Martinez for over 20 years. i will continue to love and support him just the same no matter what’s in the media. Jose is a very special man with a beautiful heart and deserves to be loved and supported–so here it is–love and support for Jose Martinez!!! -Paul D

veo mucho en esta pagina con muchos comentarios de Jose Martinez. yo he sido un amigo personal de Jose Martinez por mas de 20 años. continuare amandolo y apoyando apenas iguales no importa lo que dicen en los medios. jose es un hombre muy especial con un corazon hermoso y merece ser amado y ser apoyado–y, aqui esta–amor y apoyo para jose martinez!!! -Paul D

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      1. sorry
        Sorry no can do,any person that takes advantage of a child has no room on this earth for me.I say throw him in RIKERS ISLAND and let the Big House boys get there way with him.Then he will know what it means to be POWERLESS.Let’s see how much of a man he is then.I guess we will never know since the DA of westchester county let this child molester get a free ride.

        1. ALSO…
          All of things you all think, feel and write on the Internet — media include — when all said and done, if Jose was your father, brother, cousin etc, or someone you loved and cared for and had an ACTUAL past with, and you actually KNEW from other than what you hear or read…I’m SURE it wouldn’t be SO easy to just throw them away as you say. I don’t say anyone has the right to hurt anyone–not at all, but everyone deserves to be forgiven. There is NOOOOOO way you’re gonna convince me that if this was your relative, that you would just let them burn and that you would just turn your back on them. No way.

          1. You are seriously disturbed
            No one has a “right” to be forgiven and not “everyone” deserves to be forgiven but, at least where I come from, to be forgiven one must first ASK for forgiveness and, where possible, make amends.

            If Jose Martinez wants to be forgiven he ought to say so and now send you out here to flack for him as if HE is the victim.

            There is a lawsuit out there. If Jose Martinez really wants to be forgiven tell him to go give me a ring, I will interview him, publish his request for forgivenesss and he can the demonstrate his sincerity by supporting his victim in the lawsuit currently pending against the New Rochelle Board of Education.

            If Jose Martinez were to assist the family’s attorneys in their case against the district and provide the victim with the sort of compensation he deserves then that might be a small start along the way towards making an amend towards the victim and his family.

            Short of that, I don’t think your going to find the slightest shred of anyone feeling sorry for Jose Martinez because he has rightly been characterized as by this site and his readers as a complete and utter piece of garbage.

          2. No caps!!
            Watch th capital letters or the big man’s gonna yell!! I never said he was a victim–were you people invented that, beyond me. No one sent me to do anything, I am posting on my own.

            And wherever this “place” is where you come from, you should go back there! I know for sure if this was a family member of your own you would have a very different opinion..

  1. How is the media the problem?
    So, let me see if I have this straight. Jose Martinez is the victim? Your idea is that Martinez is a victim of the media, generally, and this site, in particular and that people here in New Rochelle have failed Jose Martinez by not treating him with love and kindness after coming into the community and sexually assaulting our children?

    Last time I checked this scum plead guilty to repeatedly raping a child. So, how exactly is that a media issue?

    As far as your ‘generous” nature, you have a rather odd notion of forgiveness. Did Jose Martinez rape you as a child? If he did and you want to forgive him for that then you are welcome to do that. It is not, however, in your power to forgive your “close, personal family friend” for sexual assaults he committed against someone else.

    On what basis I wonder does Jose Martinez deserve love and support? Because you knew him before he got into the kiddie raping business? Seems to me that what Jose Martinez deserves is to be locked in prison just up until the time that his fellow prisoners deliver the sort of real justice he has coming to him.

    You are obviously a very sick person. I can only hope that you get the psychiatric help you so clearly need.

    1. You, my new sick friend, can
      You, my new sick friend, can twist and turn and manipulate my words all you want and need–bu it’s simple, everyone deserves to be forgiven–EVEN JOSE MARTINEZ! So I guess NOT only do you speak for yourself, but also for ALL of New Rochelle by spelling out that you have no belief in forgiveness at all–just hang ’em up and execute ’em. Sounds like a pretty SICK and crappy place that New Rochelle, and even your own home, my new sick friend–THANK GOD I don’t live in EITHER of those hell traps..

      Sad you for you, you can’t forgive in your life (or town).

      1. Let’s forgive Hitler while we’re at it
        To seduce a child in middle school and repeatedly rape him is the sign of a sick, twisted person. A manipulator that put himself n the position of being close to children. It’s easy to forgive people when they’ve done you no wrong. It’s your right to defend him but not to forgive. If you’d like to hire him as a baby sitter for your child after he is released that would be the biggest sign of forgiveness you could show. He’ll need a job after being labeled a predatory sex offender. JOSE MARTINEZ the predatory child sex offender, has a nice ring to it. PS, you may be the last person in his corner, all the people I’ve spoken to that defended him when the first allegation came out are silent now.

        1. Lets not talk crazy..
          Let’s not talk crazy talk with the Hitler.. a bit extreme…I could care LESS about other people and them NOW being silent. Jose deserves to be forgiven.

          1. LOL
            nope!! just his gay friend

            [Paul, you can publish and comment on the site like anyone else but the one strict policy we have is NO SHOUTING. Please do not use ALL CAPS when posting or commenting.]

          2. No. And it’s irrelevant. I have MANY nieces, nephews, godkids and cousins. No kid deserves this–if I have kids or not–irrelevant. NO KID should be abused or hurt ever. The point I make is simple and to the point. Everyone in this life deserves to be forgiven, even Jose. Anyway, we don’t share the same beliefs, I can’t change your mindset and you can’t change mine, this is obvious.

          3. ????
            Yea? Well I have no problem following rules, and will, but will only follow rules that apply to everyone. If you notice, some of your other members who have commented on my post have shouted with caps at me, you will also notice that my original post has no caps at all. I will not be schooled, or alienated or shot at because you all don’t like what I have to say. Go and post the same things to “EyeOnNewRoc”, and “Tom Jeferstahl” for the same behavior! No?! No comments to them?? Just me for voicing feelings that no one likes?

          4. Language
            You allow words like “scum” to be used and written, and that gets no reprimand, but all caps gets called out. Yeh, ok, very professional Robert Cox…

          5. I thought you liked scum?
            Given your familiarity with that scum Jose Martinez I would have thought you would be familiar with the meaning of the word scum.

            Wikipedia lists several applicable means of the word scum:

            1. A layer of impurities that accumulates at the surface of a liquid
            2. A greenish water vegetation usually found floating on the surface of ponds
            3. The topmost liquid layer of a cesspool or septic tank
            5. A pejorative term for somebody of low moral standards.
            5. An offensive term for a person or group of people regarded as contemptible or worthless (slang insult)

            I could go with (4) “somebody of low moral standards” but I think (3) “topmost liquid layer of a cesspool or septic tank” is more to the point. In either case, it is something to be flushed down the nearest toilet.

            BTW, if you don’t like the policies on this site, feel free to start your own and you can create whatever policies you want.

          6. lol
            Well, to be completely honest, I could care less about you, any policies, your scumbag comment or any of the above which you have copied and pasted with obviously much time on your hands lol. Spend more time enforce the scumbags on the site commenting on my post! I’m willing to follow rules but for sureeeee not going to be pushed around by a scumbag for having a voice!

          7. a scumbag..
            Robert Cox is a scumbag. Just so you know my opinion of you Robert Cox. It’s nice for you to read it and know it, I’m glad scumbag is an site-approved word on here…because you have been a scumbag from your first comment and continue to prove just what a scumbag you are as you continue on with your earth shattering knowledge as you behave, well, as yourself, a scumbag! I feel bad for whoever you have to go home to…ugh…if there’s even anyone there lol

          8. Just gets better and better lol
            You people of New Rochelle are a seriously screwed up crew! Showing love and support for a nearly lifelong friend makes me a “pervert who should hang in a library” …a seriously deranged group you all are. Beyond ignorant and dumb and how sad none of you have ever forgiven anyone around you, that’s what I’m hearing, forgiveness is just not in any of your lives and I am attacked for trying to start a healing process. I forgive people, so I’m a pervert….ahhh-kay big shot…twisted. Don you’re not right, aaaand probably at the library yourself on the computer posting on here as we speak!

          9. I am a man of forgivenes, but
            I am a man of forgivenes, but playing with little boy, that I cannot forgive. It’s an infomnia, I don’t want that guy close to schools, he’s an animal anyway so let him lose his soul.

          10. Hmmmm
            “I am a man of forgiveness…but that I cannot forgive.”

            So clueless. You and Robert Cox must be close friends…

  2. Paul Its Time to Go
    Paul you have made your point, but you have succeeded in blunting it recently and frankly, you do not have the right to ask for forgiveness for Martinez any more than a respondent has the right to grant it. It is Martinez and any one he has wronged that this belongs to.

    This is dragging on indeterminably in a City where the best minds and most disenfranchised people need to focus on what must change. This is occupying such time; of course it is your right and others rights to continue, but I think it ought to be end now. You have made the point of being a good friend, and Martinez may have all of the qualities you describe, but….

    He did something that resonates extremely negatively in this and any community. In fact, I would argue that the majority of the gay community would share this view and by your continuing this fight, you are unwittingly raising some negative stereotypes in a few readers minds that are not the case in reality. Both gays and straights do not take lightly to a betrayal of trust, the exercise of unwarranted and hurtful power of an adult in a position of responsibility over a child. Martinez was of clear mind and conscience and he knew better.

    The people who are challenging you are likely doing it because you show no remorse for the child. That is their viewpoint at large.

    And that is mine as well. But there is something else I want to take away from you immediately. These people are not homophobes. They deplore the act but like me, many abhor the abuse of power, and the betrayal.

    Are you a Christian? If so, Have you ever wondered while Judas Iscariot the betrayer is more reviled than Pontius Pilate the executioner? It is relatively simple to understand. Judas betrayed for 30 pieces of silver; Pontius after much pressure from the Pharisees and Sadducces approved the crucifixtion.

    Another thing. You are not dealing with a community of homophobes. Last summer a large group of men were arrested in a public park for soliciting sex. These were likely not all gay, but that is not the point of the story. It is that one of them was a friend and advisor of someone in politics or planning to run for politics.

    That individual gave up his friend of many years without a whisper. You and least remain loyal.

    But, the core message is that this site was much much more ruthless on the act of betrayal than in the act of sexual seeking.

    Paul, let it go. Help your friend heal as best he can and don’t ask for what nobody on this site can or should do.

    1. Get lost
      Warren, eff you, straight up! Your rant and blurb is air. I never asked anything of anyone, simply stated my support in my first post. This is nothing gay or straight, Christian or anything. If none of you like my views, ignore me. Or get the efff lost! You don’t give up on people in life and in family, and if that’s your way–luck to you and your loved ones, because if this was your family, just like I have told the rest,you all would be singing a much different tune. Later!

    2. Warren on the mark
      Warren you are on the mark! I will go a bit further to say if Martinez doesn’t have the courage to publically admit his wrongdoing no one, not even a dedicated friend like Paul, has the right to publically request forgiveness. If Martinez is as caring an individual as Paul claims he would do whatever necessary to help his victim. He would plead guilty to exactly what he did and come to a compromise and settle the lawsuit. This would involve exposing whoever personally and organizationally ignored the signs and behavior allowing this situation to escalate to the extent it did. Paul, your friendship is a personal matter but judging 77,000 people by the comments of 7 is as wide a brushstroke as those judging all by Martinez. Martinez abused the sacred trust of a troubled young man who trusted him unconditionally in a most horrific way. I personally cannot forgive Martinez as I lost my father when young and role models helped raise me. I cannot fathom any of them abusing my trust especially to the extent Martinez did. But in order for any forgiveness to take place Martinez must take responsibility and make amends if possible.
      My only wish is that the young man can be healed and lead a semi-normal and productive life.

      1. ….
        Tim, I totally agree with you. Totally. I simply say, I am not going to give up on a lifelong friend to help him make a new, healty future. He’s not dead–though I know you all wish that he was–he will exists in society, he is someone’s son, brother etc…and he will have support, even if I am the only one, everyone needs someone–especially someone that has already always been there for years for good times–can’t just cut off for the bad times. But again, I do not dispute you in any way, and I do respect your comments except you agreeing with Warren–because if you are agreeing with “it’s time to go” well than I say the same to you as I did him. But I deserve to be respected too, and I will not be disrespected for my side. I’m not evil, not some crazy gay activist, not some religious freak, not happy about the victim kid at all (I would have capped that but the scumbag Robert Cox would post his ugly picture again), nor am I some random person just reading headlines and voicing an opinion, I know Jose for many many years.

        1. So, what?
          We get the idea that you are Jose Martinez’ friend. What does that have to coming onto this site and insisting that Jose Martinez “deserves” to be forgiven and that you “deserve” respect.

          No one is entitled to respect, it is something earned.

          Neither you nor Jose Martinez has conducted yourself in a way that merits respect so that you keep demanding that I, people on this site or the people of New Rochelle somehow how owe you or Jose Martinez respect is inane.

          I am not aware of any religious faith that even suggests that a person deserves forgiveness because someone else asked for forgiveness on their behalf or that a friend of a convicted felon is in any kind of a position to grant forgiveness for what someone did to someone else.

          In any case, all you have seem to have done here is tell the world that you are not going to abandon your friend even after he admitted to heinous crimes against a child. It would seem that this is something you would want to address to Jose Martinez not publish on the Internet.

          All of which suggests you are as mentally warped as your friend.

          Good luck to both of you and good riddance.

          1. Ditto!!
            Robert scumbag Cox, you are obviously miserable person. Likewise, and exactly, you need to earn respect, and you have done the conducted yourself as a scumbag and now need to earn my respect. I knew that pic of your fat, ugly, miserable self would chime in again. Get the effff lost! and enjoy your misery and donuts (all caps!!)

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