Time Wounds All Heels — But Can We Really Know Who is Who

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We hear that Al Gore invented the Internet. Mitt Romney put into place the seeds for the Motor City turnabout.

It sounds sincere maybe because they feel it is sincere. It is sort of like saying you are a fan of small government, but have no responses for what would happen to the hundreds of thousands of people who work in government jobs at all levels. Or perhaps, the current Administration taking crediting for the return of manufacturing jobs but not mentioning they are priced competitively with Southeast Asia — oh, say $14.50 an hour.

Or perhaps, it is like most of us, “tweaking” our tax returns, knowing enough to avoid non-reporting of income, but playing with the deduction entries (not me please) rationalizing we want and need our social security and medicare because, damn it, we paid for it.

OK, so living a lot longer is the luck of the draw and you say it has no impact on “small government?”

Of course you’re wrong but so are the folks across the street who never saw a food stamp plan, or Medicaid enhancement, that they didn’t like or support. And, there are the people living in zip code 90210 who will speak and write eloquently about the “poor”, adopt the obligatory African American, Hispanic, or Asian child, and send him or her and others to private schools, reside in a private enclave in a luxorious neighborhood, and not move a muscle to live in the poorer neighbors shoes or on his street.

But, maybe they think they are right and are ok. Maybe our friends and neighbors up north a way can speak of brotherhood, diversity, write checks to their synogogue or church and get by on that. They can send their kids to private or the best public school, camp in the hills or another more affluent town, and hell, who knows maybe they’re right to feel apathetic. Maybe they are right to look down their patrician noses at the great unwashed down these parts. Maybe they are the Hatfields and we, the McCoys.

They are indeed, apathetic and they support SOPHISTRY! Come on, you know what it means. It is a cool word you look up in school and incorporate its meaning into how you live your days long after you forget the actual meaning of the word.

Al Gore does it, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as well. You do as well, even if you are mute on politics because, in New Rochelle, Noam Bramson does it with verve, elan, and conviction. You support it knowing perhaps that if Joe the Plumber got elected in his place, he would soon learn how this works and avoid the hard work of putting things right, or doing so at least for now.

Noam is a Sophist because he manages by implied meaning onto matters that many people are crying out for real meaning. He is by no means a bad man. He is today’s man. But, he is not tomorrow’s man — the world is changing and changing rapidly. Old ways do not begin to suffice. As I have said often, we need a New Paradigm of Government and that means a new paradigm of management.

I will come back to this in two future postings. The first, will take a retrospective trip to a time when sophistry was, well, less used or necessary. Posting 1 will cover the language of the City Charter and unless you are literally glued to your armchair or reading the latest Doctorow dissertation on civil liberty or worse, that knucklehead, Grover Norquists simplistic notion of no new taxes, you will have to consider the fundamental question of whether we are well and truly governed according to the language of the Charter.

The second posting will deal with the Management Process as many of us knew and understood it to be. I might modestly update it, but essentially it is what it is and likely will always be. We will discuss Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling as non-pedantically as possible, and, hell you can accept or object, it is your equity, family and community involved.

Just remember please — Noam Bramson is not a bad or evil man. He is a product of a time rapidly needing to come to a close. Read it but don’t weep. Just decide if this is your intended future here (if you stay) and your childrens’ heritage.

6 thoughts on “Time Wounds All Heels — But Can We Really Know Who is Who”

  1. Really know who is who
    I truly believe that human nature is such that most people believe as long as it is not happening in their neighborhood it does not affect them. The New Rochelle that is north of Eastchester Rd. feels by having Noam in office they will be OK. That might be truly but I do have my doubts. Though he is not a bad man he is a desperate man. He did not realize he would have to deal with the citizens south of Eastchester Rd. who have had enough and want their piece of the pie. This is something very new to him. He must feel he can put one over on them with his Harvard education. He is by far not a people person and has not learned that he must be the one to make people feel comfortable. He avoids being approached and you can see it is very painful for him. Little does he know or what’s to know the ideas of the average citizens. It is unfortunate that he does not appreciate the work people are willing to put into this city with little or no recognition from the powers that be. What bothers me the most is the fact that individuals in city hall, especially those who have a position of authority, have a condescending attitude when dealing with most people in the west, south and east end. This must stop immediately. Even though we might live in neighborhoods that the so called Hatfields look down upon, we still have rights and should be treated with the same respect. What I hope is that we come together and this might happen if we meet in the middle and become one city in spite of our differences. I think this might be Noam’s worst nightmare. But in the long run, it is a win-win situation for our city.

    1. ?
      “What I hope is that we come together and this might happen if we meet in the middle and become one city in spite of our differences.”

      Do you really think this will happen?

      Optimism aside, do you REALLY think this will happen?

      1. Time Heals
        Yes, I do. It will not be easy and it will take hard work. If the citizens of New Rochelle want it, it can happen. It is something the mayor does not want, but I am sure he will come around. After all, he would love to take credit for bringing the city together. We have to make sure each and every future committee has representation from all parts of the city. We might live in different areas, but we are not all that different. Being kept away from speakout, voicing our opinions and giving suggestions cannot be allowed any longer.

      2. I Just Don’t Know
        Used it is a fair question. All I can promise you is that I will do whatever I can to make it happen. So muuch wasted effort on the part of critics, so much wasted talent not tapped by the City, so much inefficiency and hunger for a little taste of power on the part of the administration.

        I cannot answer this any other way. maybe everyone who gives a damn will attend one of these upcoming comprehensive plan meetings and ask very, very tough questions. Otherwise, keep on as best you can.

        take care and be well


      3. Never happening, Used is
        Never happening, Used is right. NR is very polarized and only 1 side has a say in things. To put it any other way or to think the sides are somewhat close together for the common good of NR is total BS.

        The mayor could careless about anyone but himself. His way or the highway. He doesn’t work well with the other side, but he doesn’t have too his party has a super-majority. And as long as the residents of NR like his 10++% tax increases, he’ll continue to ruin what’s left of NR.

        You’ll see when the votes are taken to needlessly borrow millions to move the city yard who’s in control.

        We’re all going to pay the price for Doug Colety’s crappy job picking a candidate for mayor.

      4. Fifth Avenue Guy
        come on man with a 6:1 registration advantage and the fact that people in the north actually vote whereas many down these and your parts don’t, abraham lincoln couldn’t win against a democrat at this time.

        you’re a good man, good posting, good thinker, good citizen. give me a better idea. this is all blood, sweat and tears. no guarantees, but no pain no gain.

        Cox fought for a school board seat and got close. he had the advantage of a public forum, a well documented record of failures against the board, some supporters who believed, and he got close.

        close but no cigar sometimes counts given some time. Not speaking for him, but seems like he has developed some relatinships with the school board. he works his tail off, takes risks and ……

        i am going to keep trying, point out things that don’t work in the City, other things where the opposition itself shoots itself in the foot by being so negative that people give up on us.

        i will not blow smoke in your ears or in other parts of your anatomy. there are signs of progress, you may not see them but they exist. i think, despite a recent potential setback, that the armory will come to the community. i believe the council is better than it has been in years and we will see that soon.

        Fifth, you are justified in being skeptical. lots has not happened. more excrement hits the screen, but progress is possible.

        I have two bucket list wishes.

        1. that some of you pick up the ball on managng to the City Charter and either demand it happens or sponsor a referendum (which is a pain in the arse) to make sure everyone understands that it must happen.

        2. enough of you stop squabbling over things and understand that the property tax base can only come about through effective, 21st century planning held in the open, wiht no hypocrisy and closeting like this so called comprehensive plan.

        that means first asnd formeost rebuidling, restoring and making safe the downtown business district, bringing city service from 515 north avenue here, ensuring we hvae a uniformed police precinct here, telling the coucil to manage according to our consitution in new rochelle or resign, rezoning, and building in some active, formal and accountable relationship to the school district.

        that is my bucket list. cannot afford to move, too old to smack anyone around, hardly can see to type correctly…. give me some resources like bob received, no give me bob, john, you, and i will show you just how practical this is.

        otherwise, what the hell. in for a penny, in for a pound.


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