Monroe College Has No Interest in New Rochelle Armory

Written By: Robert Cox

MjeromeMonroe College Executive Vice President Marc Jerome wants to assure New Rochelleans that the college is not an interested party to an RFP put out by the City of New Rochelle for the adaptive reuse of the New Rochelle Armory.

“I was surprised as anyone to see an RFP for the Armory,” Jerome told Talk of the Sound. “We know nothing about any development plans.”

Jerome was responding to a recent dust up on Talk of the Sound over a recent announcement by the City of New Rochelle had modified the bid proposal for the Armory.

New Rochelle Development Commissioner Michael Freimuth has previously sought to clarify any confusion by noting that the only changes to the RFP had to do with supplemental information which were requested by one respondent and were being made available to anyone interested party.

“No changes were made to any element of the RFP,” said Freimuth who was emphatic that Monroe College was not involved.

“The Armory is a building is worthy of saving and I want to see it put too good use,” said Jerome.

“Let me be clear, Monroe College has not current or future plans for use of the Armory.”