Havana Night At Hudson Park -Sat Sept. 15th Salsa Band And Pig Roast

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I just got an email for this event and would like to pass it along. Sounds like fun

Saturday Sept 15th BeachBar at HudsonPark Havana Night
Cuban Pig Roast
11 Piece Salsa/Cuban Band-Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra
Cigar Roller
Mojito Special
Spanish Ice Cart
and more

4 thoughts on “Havana Night At Hudson Park -Sat Sept. 15th Salsa Band And Pig Roast”

    1. Havana Night was awesome.
      Oldtime, you missed a great night. I know what you’re thinking but there is actually a large Cuban population in Scarsdale, Rye and Conecticut that put us to shame. They dress beautifully and love to dance and socialize. It was a great night, the band was fantastic, the food was superb, the mojitos were delicious and the crowd was wonderful. I’ve had more fun in New Rochelle the last two summers than I can remember.

      1. We need more good times in New Rochelle!

        Glad you had a good time. Several people I know have said the same thing, that they had some good times at the TiKi Bar. I know not everyone is happy down there.

        Havana night OK, But what happened to Hudson Park Days? When did they close down access to Hudson Park beaches in the off season and start to charge $3.00 for parking after Labor Day? I don’t normally get a chance to go down there in season. My daughters Girl Scout Troop and a few others went down to clean the beach for The Great Costal Clean Up like they have for several years and they were denied access, gates were locked. They had to clean the parking lot and park instead. All while looking at garbage on the beaches that had washed up on the shores. They were told that it was because someone broke their leg and there were no lifeguards on duty. Don’t know who told them that but the gentlemen said they would have to talk to his boss. I will be doing just that. I am not questioning the TiKi Bar but the City of New Rochelle. I hope there are many more successful days and nights for The Tiki Bar so long as they work with the community which is what I have heard they have been doing of late.


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