New Gas Station and Convenience Store Revitalizes Long Dormant Corner of Lincoln Avenue and North Avenue

Written By: Robert Cox

NorthAveFoodMart 549After years as a dead and decaying corner lot, the North Avenue Food Mart is now open at 452 North Avenue, the corner of Lincoln Avenue and North Avenue.

Business at the gas pump was brisk yesterday.

“So far, so good,” said Babu Madhani, the owner of the North Avenue Food Mart

Madhani says the gas station will either be a Gulf Station or a Citgo Station, depending on negotiations with fuel suppliers.

For New Rochelle Development Commissioner Mike Freimuth, activating that corner is a special source of pride.

“This became a ‘pet’ project of mine,” said Freimuth. “I walked past that corner every day, coming up from the train station to City Hall.”

Freimuth says the City began enforcement action at the North Avenue Food Mart location but soon learned that the owners had a deal in the works that has just resulted in the opening of a new station.

“We worked with the owners to get the project approved.” said Freimuth. “That included working through some neighborhood opposition.”

Madhani can expect more down the road.

“We are looking to go 24/7”, he said.

Similar efforts over the past year to gain City approval for 24/7 operations along the North Avenue corridor have failed due to opposition from residents of surrounding neighborhoods.

Freimuth also worked on the other side of the street, a property owned by Exxon/Mobil.

“The City became more aggressive with Exxon/Mobil to force action at the northwest corner, a small old block station.” said Freimuth.

Freimuth says he proposed that the City would buy the small lot for $1.00 but Exxon/Mobil wanted market price. Freimuth upped the offer to $10.00, explaining that the property was not a “buildable” lot. The negotiations led to an agreement that Exxon/Mobil would demolish and clean the site. A fuel tank was removed and the area remediated. The work was undertaken and completed this past year.

4 thoughts on “New Gas Station and Convenience Store Revitalizes Long Dormant Corner of Lincoln Avenue and North Avenue”

  1. Pros vs Cons
    Pros: great location, low gas prices, surveillance cameras & speedy service.

    Cons: dishonest sales clerk (gas money disputes), too many panhandlers, not enough space to temporarily park your car, rude/very abrupt customer service & when use your debit/credit card it is always declined.

    I am still waiting for manager to review tapes & tally cash to receive $10.00 refund. It appears to me a certain race is targeted.

    Overall rating: 2
    I will not waste my time revisiting this gas station.

  2. Looks Great
    Tremendous improvement over what was there. I would have like to have seen more mature plantings and a little variety in the types of plants (most people don’t understand how important landscaping is to the overall look and feel of a business or town) but we can;t have everything.

    1. let’s get Michael walking more
      There is something to be said for our City officials getting out and about, on foot, in New Rochelle. I found it interesting that Michael Freimuth “adopted” that corner after walking past it regularly.

      There is a saying that familiarity breeds contempt. It can also breed interest and if there is interest in resolving a problem that is the first step in actually solving the problem.

      There is a promotional tour of New Rochelle coming up next week, organized by the Westchester County Association which will give potential investors a chance to walk around New Rochelle. I will be going along for the tour and reporting on what we see.

      1. Lincoln Avenue and North Avenue
        What a disaster cars and trucks crossing the double yellow line going into and out of the Gas station and blocking traffic where are the cops?

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