Talk of the Sound Turns Five!

Written By: Robert Cox


It is hard to believe that it has been five years since I sat down on my back porch and cranked out the web site which became Talk of the Sound.

In that time we have served well over 2,000,000 visitors and over 5,000,000 page views.

We have broken stories that have been picked up by major media outlets throughout the New York Metropolitan area and even some that have gone national and international.

Talk of the Sound has been credited by The Journal News, News12, The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Eyewitness News, WCBS News, WNBC News, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, Associated Press and many, many others.

Our reporting has played a direct role in the arrest of school district employees and city employees — making our schools and City safer while saving taxpayers money — with more to come.

Our stance opposing the publication of personal information by the Journal News in their ‘gun map” garnered national attention; our counter-map was visited hundreds of thousands of times by readers from across the United States.

More importantly, however, is that Talk of the Sound has given our readers and contributors an outlet for their news, information and opinion. Our transition this year to requiring all commenters to register using their full name has been a great success, furthering civil public discourse in New Rochelle.

As the Founder and Publisher of Talk of the Sound, I would like to express my gratitude first and foremost to our contributors who have added greatly to the free flow of ideas and information in our City.

I would also like to thank our commenters who have often added a lively debate to stories and topics published by Talk of the Sound. Folks nowadays described as “people formerly known as the audience”. Thanks for getting involved!

And to our readers without whom we would have not have come the most widely-read and powerful media outlet in the City of New Rochelle.

Thanks to you all.

Here is to the next five years!

Robert Cox
Managing Editor
Talk of the Sound

Cave Adsum: “Watch out! I’m here!”

3 thoughts on “Talk of the Sound Turns Five!”

  1. Wow, five years!
    Wow, five years. That is something for everyone at Talk of the Sound to be proud of. Talk of the Sound/Bob has given the people of New Rochelle a forum to step up and speak up. Many stories tell of the behind the scene deals, the barber shop and cigar store plotting, the fiendish plans and yes, the back room politics of New Rochelle. Unfortunately so much of the bad people and events have overshadowed the good ones that are affecting change and doing good things in New Rochelle. These good happenings are also covered here on Talk of the Sound.

    Talk of the Sound/Bob have established over the last five years a site for local news and community coverage for New Rochelle that has not been available thru the other news venues. What Bob has done here at TOTS; give the average Joe a place to put the information out in the public eye. Conversation is now being had and changes are starting to come thanks to this site. Like so many case here, the answers may not be what you what to hear but the conversation continue with true open dialogue.

    It is never too late to effect change and New Rochelle needs this change. Change in attitude, change in direction and change in spirit. If more people had kept up the pressure over the years and let The City Council, City Manager, City Staff, Board Of Education and The New Rochelle School Board know that we do care and are watching them, things could be different. The citizens no longer have to turn a deaf ear and throw up their hands in defeat. Problem is that the people that want to say something haven’t or are afraid to for fear of retribution or ridicule. Now we have a venue to speak out here on “Talk of the Sound”. Things have changed due to the coverage this site gives and gets.

    Remember, Change is good!

  2. I would like to personally
    I would like to personally Noam Bramson for making Talk of the Sound the success it his today. Now, let’s all play pin the tail on the jackass (Bramson).

  3. TOT’s 5th B-Day
    Congratulations to Bob Cox and TOTS for five years of reporting news that NR has never before received. Bob has opened a venue for those in the know to share their knowledge without reprisal. TOTS has become NR’s source, for those interested, in discovering what is truly happening in and around NR.

    On a personal note; THANK YOU Bob for allowing me to disseminate my opinion and analysis to those who could not have viewed it otherwise.

    Here’s to TOTS’s Fifth Birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate your 10th B-Day!

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