IT’S OFFICIAL: T.J. McCormack Resigns as Host of Good Morning Westchester on WVOX

Written By: Robert Cox

TJMCCormackT.J. McCormack has resigned as Host of Good Morning Westchester on WVOX.

“I have in fact resigned from WVOX,” said McCormack. “Several offers came my way in quick succession.”

McCormack said he will be working in several facets of media.

No successor has been named.

“I am most grateful for the loyal audience who were so patient as I found my way around not only a radio studio, but the Sound Shore communities we covered,” said McCormack.

McCormack joined WVOX in 2012 after long-time host Bob Marrone left GMW. Marrone was recently named the Executive Director of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce.

McCormack said he was pleased where he took Good Morning Westchester and was especially proud of his coverage of the 2013 County Executive Race and the Echo Bay controversy.

“My thanks go to the First Amendment Warrior William O’Shaughnessy for the opportunity to build a great live and local breakfast show on a wonderful community radio station,” said McCormack.

McCormack, 45, is married with two daughters originally hailed from White Plains.

McCormack got into broadcasting following more than twenty years working as a stand up comic and actor, appearing in a number of sitcom pilots and films.

He started out as a broadcaster doing talk radio, conservative commentary on Fox News, CNN HLN, and Al Jazeera. He has appeared on Hannity, Fox And Friends, Megyn Kelly, and Lou Dobbs. He also writes op-eds for Fox News, and various electronic and print media.