KNOCKOUT BLOW FOR RAY RICE: TMZ Video Shows Ray Rice Cold-cocked Fiance in AC Elevator

Written By: Robert Cox

It is difficult to see how Ray Rice survives this video but what do you think?

Should Ray Rice be cut by the Ravens?

Should he be banned by the NFL

Would you boycott a sponsor that hired Ray Rice?

What about the NFL here? Was a 2 game suspension reasonable?

You can expect that any last remaining sponsors will soon announce he has been dropped (does he have any?)

UPDATE: ESPN reporting Ravens have cut Rice. He is finished.

UPDATE: NFL suspends Ray Rice indefinitely.

Ray Rice is done.


One thought on “KNOCKOUT BLOW FOR RAY RICE: TMZ Video Shows Ray Rice Cold-cocked Fiance in AC Elevator”

  1. Ray Rice needs to GO!
    I just watched the most disturbing video (if it’s authentic) of one of your cities heroes, Ray Rice. Former New Rochelle H.S. star and current Baltimore Raven.

    If this is the actual, true, undoctored video of what he did to the woman (his wife?) in that elevator, he needs to be banned from the NFL for the rest of his life and Roger Goodell needs to be fired for his role, in handing out a two game suspension as a punishment for this reprehensible action.

    Absolutely. Totally. Disgusting.

    Somewhere in professional sports, this thug behavior has got to be stopped. This is as good a place to start as any.

    And there are actually people in our country who use the phrase “war on women” as a way to differentiate the political parties.

    Any woman who attends a Baltimore Ravens football game anywhere in America, until Ray Rice is looking for a new career, is a fool and a traitor to her sex.

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